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INFP Motivations

When people are energized, driven, and focused, it can usually be attributed to energy-driving behaviors. Therefore, it’s important to know what kinds of activities motivate each personality type.

Myers-Briggs INFP Motivations

INFP personality types tend to be motivated and energized by...

  • Listening to and helping others
  • Spending time alone to regroup
  • Contemplating philosophical or complex challenges
  • Creatively solving complicated problems
  • Following flexible schedules that allow room for change

INFPs tend to enjoy being able to lend a helping hand to those around them. They are skilled listeners who often find motivation in making sure others feel heard and appreciated. Their natural attentiveness and conscientiousness helps them show great care toward other people’s needs. They thrive when given the chance to lend a helping hand to those around them.

As introverts, INFPs find a great deal of energy in spending time by themselves. Although they still enjoy time with close family and friends, alone time is likely to help INFPs relax and think clearly, which will help them grow in the long run. When INFPs have plenty of time and space to reflect, they’re much more likely to feel energized and motivated.

Contemplating complex, philosophical challenges and thinking abstractly may also excite and energize INFPs. They tend to enjoy considering big ideas and finding a new way to look at things. By taking the time to think about hypotheticals, INFPs are more likely to feel prepared for any situation that may come their way.

Their open mind can be a great help when solving problems, which helps them feel like they’ve made a difference. INFPs tend to love thinking outside the box and using new ideas to resolve issues, which means they may find a creative solution that is ultimately more effective than what has worked in the past.

INFPs are flexible and free-spirited. They may be motivated by schedules that allow them plenty of room to change or pursue new opportunities. They thrive when they feel free enough to make their own choices, rather than feeling trapped in a restrictive schedule.

When INFPs have a chance to engage in energizing tasks, they’re more likely to feel happier and be more effective. They have a chance to use their strengths to their advantage and do what they love, which may ensure that they stick with something long-term.

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