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Accurate personality data for every business professional

We predict the personalities and then give you actionable insights about them.

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The way people communicate, behave, and make decisions is influenced by their unique personality type.

Personality data showcases the differences among different personalities so you can effortlessly adjust your communication to form stronger business relationships.

Global coverage for a remote-first world

Use Crystal to improve cross-cultural communication, especially between countries with very different work styles.

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how crystal works

Accurate. Compliant. Secure.

Scale emotional intelligence and excellent communication skills across your entire business. Crystal’s personality data is derived from a predictive model built around two main components:

AI Analysis

Predictive analysis of publicly available data points that correlate with personality

Our AI analyzes a unique combination of publicly available traits, such as job titles, industry experience, skills, interests, and other information found on a profile page.

DISC Assessment

Proprietary, anonymized personality assessment results

Our predictive model is based on millions of responses collected from our proprietary DISC assessment, which is well-validated, reviewed, and completed by thousands of people every month.

SOC-2 Compliant

Crystal maintains the highest level of security standards. Our platform is fully compliant with GDPR, CCPA and other data-privacy standards. No sensitive PII (personal identifiable information) data is ever processed, captured, or stored externally.

Curious about Crystal?

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