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Crystal is a personality data platform for scaling emotional intelligence and excellent communication skills across the entire organization, from junior team members to senior executives.

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our mission

To provide accurate personality data for every business professional.

our vision

A world where business professionals have data & tools to conduct quality conversations.

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How Crystal Started

Headquartered in Nashville with premier investors like Salesforce, HubSpot, and Birchmere Ventures, Crystal (Crystal Knows) was founded in 2015 with the mission to provide personality data so people can understand themselves better and communicate more effectively with others.

Our software platform analyzes millions of online data points to accurately identify a person’s motivations, communication style, and other behavioral traits.

Since the launch of our product, hundreds of thousands of professionals around the world have relied on Crystal to help them communicate more effectively, write more persuasively, and build trust faster with new people. Crystal integrates with top sales and marketing platforms, including Salesforce and Hubspot; and is used by customers including Accenture, Google, and Microsoft.

our book

Predicting Personality

If your job requires communication, like sales, management, recruiting, marketing, and more, this book introduces a secret weapon: Personality AI.

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