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Elevate talent acquisition with personality data

Revolutionize your hiring process by understanding the personality behind every hiring candidate.

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Reduce employee turnover by placing candidates in the right role

Discover the compatibility of a candidate’s personality with a particular role.

Identify personalities that fit your open role

Discover the best personality for the role based on your needs.

Be prepared when interviewing any candidate

Know what questions to ask to bring the best out of candidates.

Inspire team members with emotional intelligence

Use personality insights to navigate your most important conversations.

What is Crystal Intelligence?

Crystal Intelligence is a pre-meeting intelligence service that offers bespoke, in-depth dossiers (or documents) on your most important buyers and stakeholders.
These dossiers include comprehensive insights that go beyond general information.

Company Information

Company information provides detailed information around a target account. It typically includes elements such as number of employees, financial information, company objectives, and organizational structure.

Contact Information

Contact information provides detailed information around a target contact. It typically includes elements such as job title, location, responsibilities, priorities, and interests/skills.

Personality Information

Personality information provides detailed information around a target contact’s personality. It typically includes elements such as communication preferences, energizers, drainers, natural traits, and common do’s/dont’s.

Behavioral Prediction

Behavioral prediction provides detailed predictions around how a target contact prefers to build rapport, gather information, discuss budget, drive action, negotiate, and more.

Notable Events

Notable events provide detailed information around current events. It typically includes elements such as press releases, media coverage, and other articles from various publications.

Hire candidates who are the perfect fit

Hire for both competency and compatibility

By integrating personality data into hiring processes, businesses make more informed and holistic decisions bringing on new talent.

View candidate personality fit on the fly

Unveil personality insights and role compatibility in a matter of seconds, streamlining your decision-making process and supercharging your hiring strategy.

Forecast new hire dynamics within your team

Gain foresight into new hires' integration, communication, and collaboration style with colleagues and managers.

Know what questions to ask for more insightful interviews

Learn how to assess and connect with candidates, craft resonating questions, and confidently find your team's best fits.

Here's what our customers have to say

Hear what business professionals from different industries and sizes say about our personality data.
"Crystal has been great for getting to know my teammates and preparing for meetings. I feel like I have a secret advantage in forming fast relationships during the call."
Ryan Klaus
Product Leader, Promethium
"Crystal is like a cheat sheet in the sales process. You can use the right communication style for every prospect, even in the first call."
Ben Jackson - Headshot
Ben Jackson
VP of Sales, Flywheel
“The first 5 minutes of any meeting is absolutely crucial. That’s where Crystal helps my team the most."
Marie Hale
Chief Executive Officer, @revenue
"The first 5 minutes of any meeting is absolutely crucial. That's where Crystal helps my team the most."
Brett Johnson - Headshot
Brett Johnson
AVP of Global Engagement, High Radius
"When I started personalizing my emails with Crystal's advice, I started getting way more responses. Much better ones, too!"
Isaac Garcia - Headshot
Isaac Garcia
"I don't know where we would be without Crystal Knows as far as our company culture and our hiring process. I absolutely love it."
Kayla Edwards
HR Director, Window World of North Atlanta
"Crystal is like magic. It gives us x-ray vision — allowing us to see and understand someone really quickly, just based on their LinkedIn profile."
Matt Kesby
Founder, GoTeam
"With Crystal, I would say I'm at least 30%-35% quicker at building meaningful relationships"
Heather Heefner - Headshot
Heather Heefner
Founder & Owner, Dart Design Studio
"As someone who’s focusing on understanding people’s pains, talking to them in a language that's meaningful to them absolutely encourages and improves the relationship.”
Richard Harris Headshot
Richard Harris
Founder, The Harris Consulting Group

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