View your prospects
like people, not robots

Use Crystal to enrich your CRM or other applications with accurate, detailed personality data.

Rich personality data is now at your fingertips

We natively integrate with Salesforce & HubSpot and support direct enrichment into other CRM platforms via API and CSV file uploads.


Advanced segmentation by personality

Create lists and start segmenting contacts with newly available personality dimensions - like primary DISC type, full DISC type, personality traits, and more.


Personalized sequences for more effective outreach

Create personality-based email templates and send tailored messages to different personality segments.

lead routing

A smarter way to route leads

Leverage personality data to match your prospects with a sales rep or CSM who is most likely to “click” with them on a personal level.


Accurate buyer personas using live personality data

Use personality data alongside traditional data - like job title, industry, and company size - to build accurate and complete buyer personas.


Create custom reports with new personality dimensions

Use new personality dimensions alongside existing CRM properties to build personality-based reports.

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How our CRM Enrichment works

Enrich personality data into your CRM contacts.

Use personality data alongside traditional data - like job title, industry, and company size - to build accurate and complete buyer personas.

Optimize the match rate & accuracy of Crystal's tools.

Enriching your CRM contacts with personality data helps your sales team get faster, more accurate insights from Crystal’s Writing Assistant, Chrome Extension, Playbooks, and our other personality tools.

Seamlessly embed empathy into your sales process.

When personality data lives natively in the CRM, sales teams are conditioned to think about prospects in a more personal, human way. Continuous reinforcement is key to driving behavior change.

Here's what our customers
have to say

"They're (stakeholders) really leaning forward based on the way that we’ve changed our approach using the information we gather through Crystal Knows."
Nicole Bergen
Founder, Elevate Marketing
"Crystal is like magic. It gives us x-ray vision — allowing us to see and understand someone really quickly, just based on their LinkedIn profile."
Matt Kesby
Founder, GoTeam
"Crystal gives me insights and helps me connect with my clients at a far deeper level than any Google search ever could."
John Barrows - Headshot
John Barrows
Founder & CEO, Sell Better
"The first 5 minutes of any meeting is absolutely crucial. That's where Crystal helps my team the most."
Brett Johnson - Headshot
Brett Johnson
AVP of Global Engagement, High Radius
"When I started personalizing my emails with Crystal's advice, I started getting way more responses. Much better ones, too!"
Isaac Garcia - Headshot
Isaac Garcia
Founder, Salesinsider.io
"I don't know where we would be without Crystal Knows as far as our company culture and our hiring process. I absolutely love it."
Kayla Edwards
HR Director, Window World of North Atlanta
"With Crystal, I would say I'm at least 30%-35% quicker at building meaningful relationships"
Heather Heefner - Headshot
Heather Heefner
Founder & Owner, Dart Design Studio
"Crystal is like a cheat sheet in the sales process. You can use the right communication style for every prospect, even in the first call."
Ben Jackson - Headshot
Ben Jackson
VP of Sales, Flywheel
"As someone who’s focusing on understanding people’s pains, talking to them in a language that's meaningful to them absolutely encourages and improves the relationship.”
Richard Harris Headshot
Richard Harris
Founder, The Harris Consulting Group