Know how to connect with buyers who think differently

As a logical thinker, you have natural strengths such as objectivity, analytical ability, and attention to detail. But, you likely struggle to quickly pivot your sales conversations to suit the unique needs of your prospects, especially if they are emotional thinkers.

That's why we built a platform that helps you know your buyer.

Crystal for Logical Thinkers

As a logical thinker, you may be familiar with these challenges: 

Being a sales rep who values logical reasoning, you understand the importance of a structured and rational sales approach. However, navigating uncharted territory and forming strong relationships with buyers who think differently doesn't always come easy.

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Lack of connection

You thrive during the sales process, but struggle to build a close personal connection with prospects, clients, and teammates. 

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Difficulty adapting

When meetings don’t go as expected or the process gets interrupted, you may have trouble making quick adjustments on the fly.

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Missed opportunities

When a deal doesn’t necessarily match perfectly with the typical use case, you may write it off prematurely, rather than doing more discovery.

Connect with your prospects on a deeper level

If you tend to think logically, you may struggle to connect with prospects on an emotional level. 

Crystal's insights help you understand your prospect's natural personality and communication style,  so you can connect with them more deeply and make a lasting impression.

Crystal for Logical Thinkers