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What is an Enneagram Type 7 (The Adventurer)?
People with an Enneagram Type 7 personality tend to be enthusiastic, adventurous, and spontaneous in their behavior. They love seeking out new experiences. They are people-oriented and enjoy pursuing new relationships.

Enneagram 7 Personality Traits

Basic Desire

The most basic desire of the Enneagram Type 7 is to feel stimulated, engaged, and satisfied. They tend to be highly goal-oriented and may go to great lengths to seek excitement and joy from new experiences.

Adventurers defend themselves by justifying or rationalizing away negative feelings. They tend to convince themselves that if they feel sad or hurt, it is a misunderstanding on their part.

Basic Fear

The most basic fear of the Type 7 is that they may miss out on or be deprived of excitement. They may express this by avoiding schedules and concrete plans to allow for last minute opportunities. At less healthy times, they may struggle with focusing on the task at hand, especially if they feel like it’s preventing them from a more interesting experience.

In summary, Enneagram 7 personalities tend to...

  • Prioritize enjoyment and remain optimistic
  • Pursue new opportunities or experiences
  • Fear missing out or being deprived
  • Desire contentment and satisfaction
  • Enjoy being around people
  • Justify others’ actions to avoid being upset

Enneagram 7 Strengths

Every personality archetype has strengths and blind spots, and these are often amplified in professional settings where we often encounter a diverse group of people with vastly different backgrounds and value systems.

Enneagram 7 Strengths

Strengths that are typically associated with the Enneagram 7 personality include...

  • High levels of energy and optimism
  • Thinking quickly and creatively
  • Ability to see many options or solutions
  • Easily handling change in plans
  • Quickly acquiring new skills or abilities

Enneagram 7 Weaknesses

Enneagram 7 Weaknessess

Weaknesses that are typically associated with the Enneagram 7 personality include...

  • Difficulty committing to plans in advance
  • Tendency to grow bored easily
  • Being perceived as self-centered or vain
  • Making impulsive or rash decisions

Enneagram 7 Growth

Enneagram 7 Growth

Growth opportunities that are typically associated with the Enneagram 7 personality include...

  • Taking the time to face and work through negative emotions
  • Encouraging and listening attentively to others as they share
  • Finding value in what’s in front of them
  • Slowing down to think and process ideas

How Enneagram 7 personalities like to work

Enneagram 7 Working

Communicating with an Enneagram 7

Remain upbeat and optimistic when communicating with a seven; listen to and appreciate their ideas.
Enneagram 7 Meeting

Meeting with an Enneagram 7

Clearly communicate what you need from them, while trying to keep meetings lighthearted.
Enneagram 7 Emailing

Emailing an Enneagram 7

Include casual conversation and allow for dialogue when emailing.
Enneagram 7 Feedback

Giving feedback to an Enneagram 7

While expressing honest and constructive feedback, remain supportive and encouraging.
Enneagram 7 Conflict

Resolving conflict with an Enneagram 7

Help them to express difficult feelings; compromise and come up with multiple solutions.

Enneagram 7 Motivations

When people experience pain, stress, or dissatisfaction, it can usually be attributed to energy-draining activities. Therefore, it’s important to know what kinds of activities energize each personality type and which activities drain them.

Enneagram 7 Motivations

Enneagram 7s tend to be motivated and energized by...

  • New ideas and experiences
  • Creative or trendy aesthetics
  • Multiple choices or options
  • Meeting and getting to know new people
  • Parties, concerts, and other large gatherings

Enneagram 7 Stress

Enneagram 7 Stress

Enneagram 7s tend to be stressed and drained by...

  • Schedules, rules, and limits
  • Negativity from those around them
  • Too much time alone
  • Unnecessary and boring routine
  • Lack of choice or freedom

Enneagram 7 Careers

Type Sevens tend to thrive in active environments that utilize their creative thinking and imagination. They enjoy innovative, exciting work that allows them to constantly pursue new opportunities.

Enneagram 7 Energized at Work

Enneagram 7s feel energized at work when...

  • They are constantly exploring new ideas.
  • Their boss gives them new work every day.
  • Their peers spend time with them outside of work.
  • Their direct reports offer creative ideas.
Enneagram 7 Drained at Work

Enneagram 7s feel drained at work when...

  • They are stuck or bored in their position.
  • Their boss gives them small, repetitive assignments.
  • Their peers are distant and reserved.
  • Their direct reports lack energy and optimism.

Sevens are extroverted and optimistic. They love being in the world and experiencing as much as possible. 

Enneagram 7 Common Jobs

Common jobs for people with Enneagram 7 personality types

  • Artist
  • Travel Writer
  • Photographer
  • Interior Designer
  • Bartender
  • Publicist
  • Travel Agent
  • Tour Guide

Enneagram 7 Relationships (Professional)

When type Sevens work alongside people who are more practical and consistent, they can offer exciting, innovative ways of thinking. If they work with another Seven, they will likely need to learn to be more consistent and hold themselves accountable to their work.

Enneagram 7 Work Well With

Enneagram 7s tend to work well with others who...

  • Share their optimistic, energetic attitude
  • Participate in fun, new events with them
  • Appreciate their creative ideas
Enneagram 7 Obstacles

Enneagram 7s may hit obstacles in professional relationships when they...

  • Fail to commit to long-term
  • Neglect to finish certain assignments
  • Become bored or limited by their work

Enneagram 7 Relationships (Romantic)

Type Sevens can be enthusiastic, fun partners, especially to those who are typically more reserved and practical. When in a relationship with another Seven, it’s important that they work together to carefully consider the consequences of their actions before making rash decisions.

Enneagram 7 Romantic Strengths

In a romantic relationship, Enneagram 7s bring strengths like...

  • Unfiltered enthusiasm and optimism
  • Easily adapting to new, unforeseen circumstances
  • Frequently encouraging their partner to try new things
Enneagram 7 Reomantic Troubles

In romantic relationships, Enneagram 7s may have trouble...

  • Committing to one person or settling down
  • Facing negative emotions or conversations
  • Listening attentively to their partner

Famous Examples of Enneagram 7s

Enneagram 7 Example Lil Nas X
Lil Nas X


Enneagram 7 Example Dick Van Dyke
Dick Van Dyke


Enneagram 7 Example Robin Williams
Robin Williams


Enneagram 7 Example Conan O
Conan O'Brien


Enneagram 7 Example Elizabeth Taylor
Elizabeth Taylor


Enneagram 7 Example Elton John
Elton John


Enneagram 7 Example Jack Black
Jack Black


Enneagram 7 Example Miley Cyrus
Miley Cyrus


Enneagram 7 Example Eddie Murphy
Eddie Murphy


Enneagram 7 Example Oscar Wilde
Oscar Wilde


Enneagram 7 Example Ted Danson
Ted Danson


Enneagram 7 Example Stephen Colbert
Stephen Colbert


Enneagram 7 Example John F. Kennedy
John F. Kennedy



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