Know how customers think before your interaction

As an emotional thinker, your empathetic and charismatic personality helps you connect with prospects. But, it can be challenging to move deals through the finish line with buyers who think differently. 

That's why we built a platform that helps you know your buyer.

Crystal for Emotional Thinkers

As an emotion-driven sales rep, you may face these challenges:

While being an emotionally driven sales rep has many benefits, such as the ability to build strong connections with buyers, relying solely on emotions can lead to unpredictable ups and downs in the sales process.


Difficulty closing

You thrive in the early stages of winning over a prospect and building consensus, but struggle to push for a decision. 



Late or unexpected losses

You’re naturally optimistic and trusting with prospects, which may frequently inflate expectations of a deal’s likelihood to close. 

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Performance inconsistency

Performance can vary based on how you’re feeling that day — and it can sometimes rub off on other team members. 

Navigate the emotional highs and lows when selling

If you tend to think with your emotions, you may experience more frequent fluctuations in your sales conversations.
Crystal provides insights into both your own strengths and your prospect's unique thoughts and preference - so you can stay consistently connected with them every step of the way.

Crystal for Emotional Thinkers