SC Personality Type

The Stabilizer in DISC


What is the SC Personality Type (The Stabilizer)?
People with the SC (Stabilizer) personality type tend to be even-tempered, fairly reserved, and cautious when making decisions, Stabilizers typically offer others predictability and consistency in their interactions and are likely to desire the same response from others.

SC Personality Traits

With a position on the middle bottom of the DISC, Stabilizers are usually quick to agree with others, accommodating to their viewpoints rather than risking conflict. They can be extremely perceptive, detail-oriented, and meticulous in their work. Socially, they may easily adjust to a wide range of personal styles and maintain harmony in any situation.


In summary, SC personality types tend to...

  • Receive support and guidance from others.
  • Make others feel at ease.
  • Seek predictability and consistency.
  • Accommodate to others rather than risk conflict.
  • Work cooperatively with others.

Strengths and Blindspots

Every personality archetype has strengths and blind spots, and these are often amplified in professional settings where we often encounter a diverse group of people with vastly different backgrounds and value systems.


  • Showing people how to do things in a step-by-step manner.
  • Being highly organized and attentive to details.
  • Using low-risk solutions that have proven effective in the past.
  • Using a structured approach to developing others whenever possible.
  • Using a predictable routine and established schedules.
  • Working with a specific plan for how things are going to be done.
  • Giving specific, detailed information when assigning work.
  • Approaching decisions carefully.

Blind Spots

  • Delaying decisions perceived as high-risk.
  • Hesitating to try solutions that have not been tested.
  • Deferring high-impact decisions to higher levels of authority or require sign-off.
  • Spending too much time analyzing information before making a decision.
  • Displaying discomfort when managing people who actively resist close supervision.
  • Not bringing underlying conflict to the surface when necessary.
  • Minimizing negative feedback, leaving others unclear about the problem.
  • Not being forceful or assertive when necessary.
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How SC personality types like to work

Communicating with a DISC type SC

Use a calm, deliberate approach and make sure you ask lots of questions to get them to open up.

Meeting with a DISC type SC

Meetings should be formally scheduled and with a prepared agenda.

Emailing a DISC type SC

Emails should be sincere and well-formatted.

Giving feedback to a DISC type SC

Feedback should be thoroughly detailed and delivered with recommendations.

Resolving conflict with a DISC type SC

Conflict can be useful should be handled with significant caution.

Motivators and Stressors

When people experience pain, stress, or dissatisfaction, it can usually be attributed to energy-draining activities. Therefore, it’s important to know what kinds of activities energize each personality type and which activities drain them.

SC personality types tend to be motivated and energized by...

  • Establishing consistent daily routines.
  • Providing one-on-one coaching and step-by-step instructions.
  • Communicating primarily in writing.
  • Researching previous ways people have accomplished goals to improve performance.
  • Minimizing risk with structure, redundancy, and analysis.
  • Providing specific, detailed information and reports.
  • Helping other people make plans.
  • Organizing and clarifying information for other people.
  • Presenting and analyzing all aspects of an important decision.

SC personality types tend to be drained by...

  • Presenting ideas and strategies to groups of people.
  • Delegating detailed and analytical work to other people.
  • Directing and pushing others to improve their performance.
  • Bouncing between multiple ideas at once.
  • Looking for new opportunities without any guidance.
  • Taking large risks in unpredictable situations.
  • Making decisions quickly with limited data.
  • Efficient and oriented towards constant improvement in performance.
  • Taking primary responsibility and ownership over large projects.

Work Environment

Stabilizers tend to thrive in peaceful, welcoming environments that are less competitive and more collaborative. They enjoy stable work that allows them to follow a consistent routine.

SC personality types feel energized at work when...

  • They are asked to follow set rules, procedures, or routines.
  • Their boss clearly communicates expectations.
  • Their peers ask for their help planning something.
  • Their direct reports ask clear questions.

SC personality types feel drained at work when...

  • They have to make hasty decisions.
  • Their boss gives them multiple projects at a time.
  • Their peers make invite them to last-minute plans.
  • Their direct reports make risky choices without their knowledge.
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Best Jobs For DISC SC types

Stabilizers thrive in positions where they can interact with lots of other people throughout the day and facilitate things.

Common jobs for people with SC personality types

  • Research Director
  • Researcher
  • Pharmacist
  • Quality Assurance Engineer
  • Quality Assurance Analyst
  • Accountant
  • Scientist
  • Service Technician
  • Risk Management

Professional Relationships

Stabilizers can help more spontaneous, outspoken people calmly think through their choices. When working with another S-type, it’s important that they avoid letting conflict grow by focusing on addressing problems quickly after they occur.

SC personality types tend to work well with others who...

  • Value their input on decisions
  • Deliver specific, accurate feedback
  • Give them plenty of notice for meetings and events

SC personality types may hit obstacles in professional relationships when they...

  • Are pushed into situations that make them uncomfortable
  • Work alongside people who don’t follow-through on projects
  • Neglect to acknowledge and resolve a rapidly growing problem

Romantic Relationships

Stabilizers can be consistent, loyal partners. When in a relationship with another steady personality, it is important for them to communicate their perspective honestly in times of conflict.

In a romantic relationship, SC personality types bring strengths like...

  • Thoughtfully considering their partner’s perspective
  • Carefully building a strong, stable relationship
  • Desire to settle-down and make firm commitments

In romantic relationships, SC personality types may have trouble...

  • Making important decisions quickly
  • Confidently sharing their perspective in a disagreement
  • Trusting a more impulsive or spontaneous partner

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Visual Summary

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