Understanding DISC

Millions of professionals have used the DISC personality assessment to improve their relationships, build stronger teams, and communicate more effectively.

The I Personality Type

How to identify an I

Natural behavior

People with the "I" personality type are very confident and fun to be around. These individuals love social settings and value connecting with others, especially when that means investing in new relationships. They get excited to explore fresh ideas and begin new projects, and are likely to bounce around between what they are working on.

I's are known to be warm and welcoming, and they have a sincere interest in the feelings of others. Their openness and social awareness is considered charming to those who interact with them.


The confidence I's exhibit is quite apparent. They are outgoing and talkative, and tend to interact positively in whatever situation they find themselves in. They are external processors, which means they think out loud and may share their thoughts and feelings very candidly.

Communicating with an I

In person or on the phone

  • Be friendly and engaging in your conversation.
  • Don't be afraid to have small talk that may involve personal details.
  • Look for common ground and ways to connect.

In writing

  • Use an informal greeting (example: "Hey Andrew," rather than "Hello Andrew,").
  • Bring up common interests or a connection you share.
  • Incorporate casual language and abbreviations.

Working with an I


I's are motivated by their relationships with others and their need to feel accepted. They love receiving praise and approval, and they may even look for ways to elicit these types of reactions. The opinions of those they are closest to carry the greatest weight, but overall, I's will accept praise from anyone who is willing to share it.

As a Leader

In leadership, I's work to maintain a positive environment and to ensure a strong team dynamic, one where people feel heard and cared for. They are great communicators and are able to connect with others in a fluid, natural way. While they may use assertiveness to get a point across, they are also very perceptive and sensitive to others' thoughts and ideas.

I's like for everyone to be involved and feel included, and may appreciate intentional, one-on-one time with their team members.

Under Stress

Encountering stress for an "I" is difficult because they want to keep their environment positive, so they might willingly go out of their way to avoid conflict and keep the peace. Because they thrive on others' approval, they may also do whatever they need to simply to maintain their popularity.