Enneagram Test

The Enneagram Test: What is my Type?

Because the Enneagram Test focuses mostly on internal thought patterns and motivations, rather than external behaviors, you are the best person to identify your own Enneagram type.

Everyone has a primary type, and some people also have a “wing”, which represents a secondary set of personality traits, always adjacent to your primary type. For example, you can be a 7 with a 6 wing (“7w6”) or a 7 with an 8 wing (“7w8”).

To determine your type, look to the table below and see which description you most closely identify with.




Type ones seek moralistic behavior and reform. They are naturally positive, determined people, with a heart for helping others. They make great lawyers, judges, and social workers.


Type twos seek love and affection from others. They are emotional-thinkers and hard workers. They make great counselors, nurses, non-profit leaders, and teachers.


Type threes want to achieve great things and receive affirmation from others. They are charismatic and adaptable, preferring to follow a plan of action. They work well as consultants, marketing experts, analysts, and politicians.


Type fours seek individuality and authenticity from themselves and others. They are expressive, sensitive souls with a passion for various art forms. They make great writers, designers, actors, and artists.


Type fives want to feel handy and valuable. They prefer to be by themselves and are excellent deep-thinkers. They make great engineers, scientists, and scholars.


Type sixes seek safety and consistency. They are trustworthy and make reliable decisions. They perform well as bankers, professors, nurses, and consultants.


Type sevens want to feel like their living life to the fullest and experiencing all the world has to offer them. They are outgoing and spontaneous with a passion for action. They thrive as travel agents, designers, photographers, and writers.


Type eights want to feel like they have control of their own fate. They are strong, attention-commanding leaders, skilled in quick, effective decision-making. They excel as lawyers, advisors, directors, and sales experts.


Type nines seek to feel safe, comfortable, and at peace with themselves. They are adaptable and agreeable teammates, dedicated to considering multiple perspectives. They shine as counselors, doctors, diplomats, and religious workers.

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