Prospect Research

Understand the person
behind the name

Identify the natural personality of your prospect and learn what motivates them, starting with your first conversation.

In a competitive, remote-first world...
empathy wins deals.

Understand how your buyers naturally want to communicate and make decisions so you can intelligently adapt how you sell to them.

Crystal profile insights

Book more meetings
by adapting your pitch

Know what words, phrases, style, and tone should be used or avoided when pitching to different personalities.

Crystal personality insights with writing assistant - Cs
Crystal Playbookscrystal sales meeting playbooks

Handle sales objections
with confidence

Speak confidently and persuasively to every personality in the room with customized playbooks built for any situation.

Get better information
from your discovery calls

Learn how your prospect's personality likes to be questioned so you can qualify or disqualify leads quickly and accurately.

Disc wheel for discoveryDISC personalities for sales discovery calls

How to get started:

Crystal accelerates customer relationships by training sales teams how to speak, write, and sell to different buyer personality types. Learn more by getting a comprehensive demo of our personality data platform today!

Crystal chrome extension

Download our free chrome extension

Go to Google Chrome's web store and download the Crystal Knows chrome extension.

crystal chrome extension for linkedin

Navigate to a LinkedIn profile

Search on LinkedIn for your lead, prospect, or whoever you're meeting with next and open their profile page.

chrome extension to view personality

Click the "View Personality" button

Once your in a LinkedIn profile, click on the "View Personality" button that appears on the right side of the screen.

DISC personality insights chrome

View DISC personality insights

View the DISC personality insights surfaced in the extension.

crystal writing assistant insights S

Tailor communication towards different personalities

Crystal Writing Assistant suggests words and phrases in real time so you can personalize every email to match your buyer’s natural style.

research report

We surveyed 380+ buyer facing professionals...

Discover how harnessing the power of personality intelligence transforms buyer-facing teams to drive exceptional results.

Crystal Tom Ferry Case Study
CASe study

Tom Ferry improves prospecting efforts for their SDRs

Before  sales development representatives at Tom Ferry enter a conversation, they use Crystal to quickly gain valuable insights into a prospect’s personality with the click of a button.