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What is the ENTJ personality type (The Visionary)?
People with an ENTJ personality type tend to be charismatic, direct, and logical in their behavior. They tend to avoid displays of emotion and may be perceived as cold in certain situations. They enjoy taking charge, working to achieve goals, and encouraging growth from those around them.

ENTJ Personality Traits

As ENTJs, Visionaries are talkative, high energy, and thrive around people. They seek action and tend to involve themselves in events. They prefer not to spend too much time alone.

They focus more on the big picture than on tiny details—they’re interested in how everything connects together and trust their internal thought process more than they trust past experience.

ENTJs use logic rather than emotion in decision making. They tend to follow what makes sense, rather than what feels right.

They are structured, organized, like to plan ahead and know what’s going to happen. They appreciate rules, processes, and schedules.


In summary, ENTJ personality types tend to...

  • Seek and take charge of situations involving groups of people
  • Process internally and base decisions on thought rather than experience
  • Trust logic and avoid emotional displays
  • Follow a day-to-day schedule and prefer routine and efficiency
  • Regularly set and achieve challenging goals

ENTJ Meaning

  • (E) EXTROVERSION: Extroverts tend to draw energy from spending time around other people.
  • (N) INTUITION: Intuitive types tend to love to explore new ideas and think in terms of the big picture.
  • (T) THINKING: Thinking types tend to follow their head and consider facts when making decisions.
  • (J) JUDGING: Judging types tend to be very structured and organized.

ENTJ Strengths

Every personality archetype has strengths and blind spots, and these are often amplified in professional settings where we often encounter a diverse group of people with vastly different backgrounds and value systems.

Myers-Briggs ENTJ Strengths

Strengths that are typically associated with the ENTJ personality type include...

  • Ability to remain organized
  • Thinking conceptually and coming up with new ideas
  • Remaining high-energy in stressful situations
  • Leading groups of people to success
  • Charismatic personality that helps people feel at ease
  • Natural confidence even when facing criticism

ENTJ Weaknesses

Myers-Briggs ENTJ Weaknesses

Weaknesses that are typically associated with the ENTJ personality type include...

  • Difficulty remaining patient when faced with stagnancy
  • Potential to be perceived as insensitive in emotional situations
  • Strictly following a plan or routine when flexibility is necessary
  • Being perceived as overly confident
  • Tendency toward assertiveness, which can be misunderstood as aggression

How ENTJ personality types like to work

Myers-Briggs ENTJ Communicating

Communicating with an ENTJ personality type

Try to get directly to the point and avoid using emotional phrasing.
Myers-Briggs ENTJ Meeting

Meeting with an ENTJ personality type

Set and abide by a designated time and aim to address their concern clearly and logically.
Myers-Briggs ENTJ Emailing

Emailing an ENTJ personality type

Avoid unnecessary surface-level questions; instead, get right to the point.
Myers-Briggs ENTJ Feedback

Giving feedback to an ENTJ personality type

Be direct and concise; focus on goal-based feedback.
Myers-Briggs ENTJ Conflict

Resolving conflict with an ENTJ personality type

Address conflict directly, explain your side clearly, and avoid displays of emotion.

ENTJ Motivations

When people experience pain, stress, or dissatisfaction, it can usually be attributed to energy-draining activities. Therefore, it’s important to know what kinds of activities energize each personality type and which activities drain them.

Myers-Briggs ENTJ Motivations

ENTJ personality types tend to be motivated and energized by...

  • Taking responsibility and ownership for their results
  • Creating new ways to solve problems
  • Being productive and accomplishing goals
  • Structured schedules and organized environments

ENTJ Stress

Myers-Briggs ENTJ Stress

ENTJ personality types tend to be stressed and drained by...

  • Working alone
  • Needing to communicate emotionally
  • Others inaction in times of conflict
  • Lack of decision from others

ENTJ Careers

ENTJs tend to thrive in focused environments that value efficiency and productivity. They enjoy taking on a leadership role and finding new ways to solve complicated problems.

Myers-Briggs ENTJ Energized at Work

ENTJ personality types feel energized at work when...

  • They are asked to assume bigger responsibilities.
  • Their boss values their input on decisions.
  • Their peers are deeply motivated and effective.
  • Their direct reports don’t need frequent instruction.
Myers-Briggs ENTJ Drained at work

ENTJ personality types feel drained at work when...

  • They have to be highly sensitive to the feelings of others.
  • Their boss is irresponsible or unmotivated.
  • Their peers take things too personally.
  • Their direct reports need hands-on guidance.

ENTJs crave leadership roles and responsibility. They want to be able to motivate and inspire their coworkers. They are determined to achieve their goals and thrive in a position that encourages them to do so.  

Myers-Briggs ENTJ Common Jobs

Common jobs for people with ENTJ personality types

  • Lawyer
  • Politician
  • Business Executive
  • Professor
  • Entrepreneur
  • Business Consultant
  • Judge

ENTJ Relationships (Professional)

ENTJs offer leadership skills that can help reserved people feel more comfortable and confident in the team.

Myers-Briggs ENTJ Working With

ENTJ personality types tend to work well with others who...

  • Work toward the big, overall goals
  • Appreciate constructive feedback
  • Make reasonable thought-out decisions
Myers-Briggs ENTJ Professional Obstacles

ENTJ personality types may hit obstacles in professional relationships when they...

  • Need to follow orders from other people
  • Unintentionally talk over others’ ideas
  • Struggle to remain sensitive and empathetic when sharing feedback

ENTJ Relationships (Romantic)

ENTJs can be consistent, confident partners who prioritize open communication and logic.

Myers-Briggs ENTJ Romantic Strengths

In a romantic relationship, Visionary personality types bring strengths like...

  • Openly sharing their point of view
  • Addressing difficult situations with logic
  • Quickly addressing sources of conflict
Myers-Briggs ENTJ Romantic Troubles

In romantic relationships, Visionary personality types may have trouble...

  • Separating themselves from work to spend time with their partner
  • Opening up emotionally around their partner
  • Recognizing when to let go of small issues

ENTJ Females

Women with the ENTJ personality type

ENTJ females tend to be charismatic, motivated leaders. They are likely to enjoy routine, while remaining open to new ideas. They tend to enjoy taking charge of a situation and offering their honest opinion. They may have a hard time being emotionally vulnerable and can, at times, be a bit blunt. Because some people tend to subconsciously place an unhealthy expectation on women to be more naturally empathetic, ENTJ females are more likely to be criticized for their direct, logical tone than their male counterparts. But their tendency to be assertive and confident helps them effectively pursue new ways of thinking and lead others to success.

ENTJ Females

Famous ENTJ Females

  • Nancy Pelosi
  • Indira Gandhi
  • Kathy Bates
  • Margaret Thatcher
  • Whoopi Goldberg
  • Charlize Theron
  • Adele

ENTJ Males

Men with the ENTJ personality type

ENTJ males tend to be outspoken, high-energy talkers. They may naturally adopt the leadership position in a group and are often very forward in sharing their opinions. They are likely to follow routines and schedules. ENTJ males can be very direct and straightforward, which can upset more emotionally-driven people. However, they tend to be skilled at offering constructive criticism that can ultimately help others improve.

ENTJ Males

Famous ENTJ Males

  • Mark Cuban
  • Dr. Phil McGraw
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt
  • Pablo Picasso
  • Steve Jobs
  • Winston Churchill
  • Gordon Ramsay

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