Know when to speak less and listen more

As an extrovert, you're seen as confident, sociable, and approachable, and are comfortable leading conversations. But have you ever felt like your pitches just aren’t landing, especially with introverted buyers?

That's why we built a platform that helps you know your buyer.

Crystal for Extroverts

As an extroverted sales rep, you might face these problems:

While extroversion can give sales reps an edge, dominating the conversation without enough active listening can lead to challenges, especially when interacting with more introverted prospects.


Prospect ghosting

Your prospect seems very interested during the meeting, but then unexpectedly disappears with little to no explanation.



Spinning your wheels

Despite a packed schedule filled with with activity and interactions, deals are simply not moving forward as expected.

speed 2-1


Inconsistent performance

Results are very unpredictable from week to week – it always seems like you’re on a winning streak or in a dry spell. 

Know when your prospect needs room to breathe

Crystal not only helps you understand your own strengths, but allows you to take a peek inside the mind of your prospect — so you’re able to meet them where they are and help them feel valued from the jump.

Crystal for Extroverts