Enneagram Type 9

The Peacekeeper

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What is an Enneagram Type 9 (The Peacekeeper)?
People with an Enneagram type Nine personality tend to be accepting, optimistic, and adaptive in their behavior. They like peace and tend to avoid conflict. They tend to enjoy time alone or with smaller groups of people.

Enneagram 9 Personality Traits

Basic Fear

Nines are, somewhat subconsciously, afraid of separation and loss. They attempt to prevent this by remaining peaceful and avoiding conflict with others. Often, they will unknowingly adapt to others preferences, rather than state their own.

Basic Desire

Their basic desire is to have complete internal peace. Nines want to be in harmony with themselves and the world around them.

Peacekeepers defend themselves by ignoring pain or numbing their internal conflicts through food, television, and other repetitive patterns. They have the tendency to avoid discomfort to the point of apathy.


In summary, Enneagram 9 personalities tend to...

  • Avoid conflict with the world around them
  • Seek peace and harmony with themselves and others
  • Fear loss and separation
  • Be accepting and agreeable
  • Try to ignore or numb themselves to their problems

Enneagram 9 Strengths

Every personality archetype has strengths and blind spots, and these are often amplified in professional settings where we often encounter a diverse group of people with vastly different backgrounds and value systems.

Strengths that are typically associated with the Enneagram 9 personality include...

  • Ability to see multiple perspectives
  • Remaining calm and adaptable
  • Supporting and reassuring those around them
  • Mediating conflict between others
  • Being open minded and suspending judgement

Enneagram 9 Weaknessess

Weaknessess that are typically associated with the Enneagram 9 personality include...

  • Difficulty facing personal conflict with others
  • Tendency to minimize problems
  • Avoiding difficult or upsetting situations
  • Being passive aggressive rather than addressing conflict

Enneagram 9 Growth

Growth opportunities that are typically associated with the Enneagram 9 personality include...

  • Recognizing that conflict is a necessary and beneficial part of life
  • Engaging in physical activity to connect with their body
  • Directly addressing an upsetting issue
  • Facing and working through their negative emotions
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How Enneagram 9 personalities like to work

Communicating with an Enneagram 9

Encourage them to be open about their personal needs and ideas; create an environment in which they feel safe to communicate honestly.

Meeting with an Enneagram 9

Avoid creating pressure and encourage them to share their opinions or feelings.

Emailing an Enneagram 9

Communicate the purpose clearly, while allowing room for small-talk and personal connection.

Giving feedback to an Enneagram 9

Avoid being overly negative or critical; express growth areas as opportunities rather than flaws.

Resolving conflict with an Enneagram 9

Ask them what they need, remain calm and patient, and express yourself gently.

Enneagram 9 Motivations

When people experience pain, stress, or dissatisfaction, it can usually be attributed to energy-draining activities. Therefore, it’s important to know what kinds of activities energize each personality type and which activities drain them.

Enneagram 9s tend to be motivated and energized by...

  • Stability and consistency in their personal life
  • Helping to bring two groups together
  • Resolving others’ personal tensions
  • Feeling safe, accepted, and heard

Enneagram 9 Stress

Enneagram 9s tend to be stressed and drained by...

  • Disappointing those they love
  • Needing to make difficult decisions
  • Being interrupted or ignored
  • Pent-up and unexpressed emotion

Enneagram 9 Careers

Type Nines tend to thrive in an environment that allows them stability and encourages them to help other people. They enjoy slower-paced work that allows them to connect with others.

Enneagram 9s feel energized at work when...

  • They are asked to help others work through personal problems.
  • Their boss asks to hear their thoughts on a matter.
  • Their peers talk openly with them.
  • Their direct reports work are warm, respectful, and appreciative.

Enneagram 9s feel drained at work when...

  • They are working in fast-paced, cut-throat environments.
  • Their boss maintains a serious, distant relationship with them.
  • Their peers disregard or dismiss their ideas or opinions.
  • Their direct reports push back on guidance.
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Enneagram 9 Jobs

Nines are patient and supportive. They are great listeners and work well in a position that utilizes their passion for peace-making.

Common jobs for people with Enneagram 9 personality types

  • Counselor
  • Social Worker
  • Human Resources Manager
  • Veterinarian
  • Diplomat
  • Psychiatrist
  • Librarian
  • Editor
  • Religious Worker

Enneagram 9 Relationships (Professional)

When type Nines work alongside people who are more driven and rational, they can help everyone feel more at peace and relaxed. If they work with another laid-back type, it’s important that they hold themselves accountable to being productive.

Enneagram 9s tend to work well with others who...

  • Dislike causing conflict
  • Take the time to get to know them
  • Are positive and open-minded

Enneagram 9s may hit obstacles in professional relationships when they...

  • Feel overlooked or ignored by others
  • Sometimes miss deadlines on tasks
  • Encounter someone who frequently causes conflict

Enneagram 9 Relationships (Romantic)

Type Nines can be supportive, understanding partners, especially to those who feel disconnected or misunderstood. When in a relationship with another Nine, it’s important that they take turns leading and making decisions.

In a romantic relationship, Enneagram 9s bring strengths like...

  • Ability to adapt to unexpected circumstances
  • Understanding their partner’s perspective
  • Being naturally supportive and encouraging

In romantic relationships, Enneagram 9s may have trouble...

  • Facing emotionally difficult issues
  • Engaging in lengthy discussion with their partner
  • Outwardly expressing an unpopular opinion

Famous Examples of Enneagram 9s

14th Dalai Lama, Jeff Bridges, Bill Clinton, Zooey Deschanel, Walt Disney, Clint Eastwood, Queen Elizabeth II, Morgan Freeman, Audrey Hepburn, Abraham Lincoln, Ryan O’Neal of Sleeping at Last, Ronald Reagan, Fred Rogers.

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