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What is an ISTJ Personality Type
(The Investigator)?
People with an ISTJ personality type tend to be reserved, orderly, and practical in their behavior. They are self-sufficient and work hard to meet their obligations. They prefer to be alone or in small groups of close friends and may be quiet and reserved in large group settings.


What is an ENTP Personality Type
(The Debater)?
People with an ENTP personality type tend to be expressive, curious, and spontaneous in their behavior. They enjoy debating and thinking about issues from different perspectives. They thrive around people and will almost always engage with those near them.


Myers-Briggs ISTJ & ENTP Communication

How can ISTJ and ENTP types communicate effectively with each other?

ISTJs and ENTPs are both Thinking personalities, meaning they tend to base decisions on logical thinking. However, ISTJs are introverted, detail-oriented, and organized, while ENTPs enjoy being around others, focus on the bigger picture, and desire a sense of spontaneity. ISTJs should avoid pushing ENTPs to follow certain rules or schedules, while ENTPs should give ISTJs plenty of space to re-energize alone.

Resolving Conflict

Myers-Briggs ISTJ & ENTP Conflict

How can ISTJ and ENTP types resolve conflict?

ISTJs and ENTPs are both Thinking personalities and should focus on addressing tense situations logically. They should be direct and clear about their perspectives. ISTJs should be conscious of ENTPs’ need to discuss many different aspects of an issue in person, while ENTPs should allow ISTJs to take needed space when stressed.

Building Trust

Myers-Briggs ISTJ & ENTP Trust

How can ISTJ and ENTP types build trust?

ISTJs are likely to trust ENTPs who can follow through with commitments and goals; ENTPs should work to be consistent and reliable with ISTJs.

ENTPs tend to trust ISTJs who take the time to engage with them and share new ideas; ENTPs will feel more appreciated when ISTJs take the time to get to know them.

Working Together

Myers-Briggs ISTJ & ENTP Working Together

How can ISTJ and ENTP types work together?

Both personalities contribute to their workplace with deep, logical thinking. ISTJs are quiet, attentive, goal-setters, while ENTPs are adaptable, creative, charismatic workers. ISTJs can help ENTPs set and achieve personal goals, while ENTPs can help ISTJs feel more comfortable expressing their thoughts around others.

Dealing with Change

Myers-Briggs ISTJ & ENTP Change

How can ISTJ and ENTP types deal with change?

ISTJs tend to have a difficult time facing new situations, as they are very focused on their personal goals and tend to have many plans set in place. ENTPs, on the other hand, are naturally adaptive and usually enjoy the thrill of transitional periods. ENTPs should be supportive while ISTJs are processing something new. Once ISTJs formulate a new plan to reach their goals, they will adjust more easily to change.

Managing Stress

ISTJ and ENTP types need to seek to understand what brings stress to the other type and should try to avoid causing it when possible.

Myers-Briggs ISTJ & ENTP Managing Stress

ISTJ types are easily stressed by...

  • Lack of structure in a work environment
  • Large groups of other people
  • Expressing personal feelings to others
  • Maneuvering interpersonal conflict
Myers-Briggs ISTJ & ENTP Managing Stress

ENTP types are easily stressed by...

  • Pressure to commit to long-term goals
  • Spending too much time alone
  • Feeling forced into a strict routine
  • Considering others’ emotions

ISTJs should avoid pressuring ENTPs to commit to a strict schedule, which can cause them to feel controlled or contained.

ENTPs should be considerate of ISTJs’ time and energy by encouraging them to spend needed time alone.

Encouraging and Motivating

ISTJ and ENTP types can encourage and motivate each other in their personal and professional lives.

Myers-Briggs ISTJ & ENTP Motivations

ISTJ types are motivated by...

  • Accomplishing goals and tasks
  • Abiding by a designated routine
  • Time by themselves to recharge
  • Discovering a practical solution to a problem
Myers-Briggs ISTJ & ENTP Motivations

ENTP types are motivated by...

  • New experiences and adventures
  • Considering new perspectives
  • Meeting and debating with new people
  • Flexible schedules that allow them to make last minute plans

ISTJs can motivate ENTPs by allowing them to pursue last minute experiences and taking the time to get to know them.

ENTPs can encourage ISTJs by maintaining a moderate level of consistency and predictability around ISTJs.

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