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Get real-time suggestions into what words and phrases resonate best with your recipient's personality all within Gmail and Outlook.

Crystal Writing Assistant

Send masterful sales emails

Crystal Writing Assistant suggests words and phrases in real time so you can personalize every email to match your buyer’s natural style.

“When I started personalizing my emails with Crystal’s advice, I started getting way more responses. Much better ones too!”

Isaac Garcia
Founder, SalesInsider.io

Crystal Writing Assistant answers the following questions...

who am I selling to:

Understand your buyer’s natural personality

True personalization spans far beyond knowing a prospect's first and last name. Start discovering your buyer’s preferred communication style, energizers, & stressors to form deeper customer relationships.

Crystal - Understand your buyer's natural personalityCrystal - Understand your buyer's natural personality
How to communicate with buyers with intentHow to communicate to buyers with intent
what am I trying to say:

Communicate to buyers with intent

Every sales team wants more personalization in their outreach--few actually make it stick for the long-term. Crystal Writing Assistant acts as a virtual coach for every email, every day, in every deal.

how should I say it:

Make the right impression and resonate

Crystal automatically checks the words, phrases, style, and tone of written messages and recommends suggestions to improve communication with prospects and customers.


How to use Crystal's Writing Assistant

  1. Select your prospect’s DISC type by clicking on the icon at the bottom right.

  2. Write your email as you normally would and see Crystal analyze the words, style, and phrases in real-time.

  3. Review the highlighted words or phrases as that part of the message may clash with your prospect’s DISC personality.

  4. Finally, accept Crystal’s recommendation, rewrite the phrase to your own liking, or simply ignore it.

Crystal Writing Assistant InsightsCrystal Writing Assistant - Dc TypeCrystal Writing Assistant with insights - Dc

Frequently asked questions

What email platforms do Crystal’s Writing Assistant work with?
We’re currently able to integrate with the browser-based versions of Gmail, Microsoft Outlook, and Microsoft 365, with more on the roadmap. If your email platform isn’t on the list, you can always use the writing tool within our dashboard by logging into your Crystal account.
Is there a separate charge for Crystal’s Writing Assistant on top of Crystal’s other tools?
We are currently offering Crystal’s Writing Assistant to all of our users!

If you use the Crystal Chrome extension, the Writing Assistant will work automatically in browser-based versions of Google and Outlook.

If you use another email service or do not want to use the Chrome extension, the Writing Assistant is also available under TOOLS > WRITING ASSISTANT within your free account.
How can Crystal predict my buyers’ personality?
There are two methods to pull personality insights: LinkedIn predictions and manual input.

LinkedIn predictions:
If you’ve already predicted a personality on LinkedIn, it will show up in Crystal’s Writing Assistant when you search for your buyer.

Manual input:
If you know their personality type, but you don’t have their LinkedIn, you can manually input a personality type using the DISC wheel in your Chrome extension.
What is DISC?
DISC is a well-validated personality framework that’s based on a four-factor model, meaning that it classifies people into four different categories based on their behavioral patterns: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness. It resembles other four-factor models that have been around for over 2,000 years, starting when Hippocrates first described the “four temperaments.”
How do I start using Crystal?
Step 1: Create a free Crystal account
Step 2: Download our Chrome extension
Step 3: Utilize the Crystal Writing Assistant by either:
a) Signing into your Crystal account and navigating to our dashboard.
b) By downloading and enabling the Chrome extension and composing an email using the browser version of Gmail or Outlook.
Is this tool compliant with privacy regulations and data security?
Built with GDPR compliance and general data privacy best practices, Crystal does not save nor access sensitive information including browser history, passwords, nor any other PII information (personal identifiable information).

In addition, all data is analyzed on the front-end (client-side) within your web browser, so your data never leaves your computer.

Crystal also follows Google Chrome Web Store’s security best practices for every release and update. Our extension is consistently recognized with the “Featured” badge within the Web Store which means our extension follows Google’s technical best practices and meets a high standard of user experience and design.
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Curious about our product?

Watch our CEO, Drew D’Agostino, go through a live demo of the Crystal Writing Assistant, where he shows you:

  • How Crystal Writing Assistant works

  • How to optimize your emails with Crystal’s Writing Assistant

  • How to implement Crystal’s DISC and adaptive selling

Crystal Writing Assistant Live Product Demo