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What is Enneagram Type 1
(The Idealist)?
People with an Enneagram type One personality tend to be rational, principled, and judicial in their behavior. They usually have a desire for justice and equality. They are motivated by a strong sense of right and wrong.


What is Enneagram Type 6
(The Loyalist)?
People with an Enneagram type Six personality tend to be engaging, hard-working, and responsible in their behavior. They want to feel safe and tend to be concerned with outside threats. They are very loyal and want to build close relationships with others.


Enneagram Type 1 & Type 6 Communication

How can Ones and Sixes communicate effectively with each other?

Ones and Sixes are both hard-working and motivated by deeply-held beliefs or ideas. Ones tend to be self-assured and outspoken, driven by a desire to defeat corruption. Sixes are generally more emotionally connected and inviting, usually seeking secure, stable relationships with others.

Ones should try to connect emotionally with Sixes, careful to avoid harsh criticism.

Sixes should get straight to the point when addressing Ones.

Resolving Conflict

Enneagram Type 1 & Type 6 Conflict

How can Ones and Sixes resolve conflict?

Sixes tend to have a difficult time facing conflict, especially if they feel unsupported. In order to work through issues comfortably, Ones should be patient, and reassuring, offering Sixes the safety and security they need to share openly. Sixes should avoid being overly emotional or sensitive, recognizing that Ones are trying to settle the tension, as well. Sixes should be clear and direct when expressing themselves, while working closely with Ones to find the most appropriate solution.

Building Trust

Enneagram Type 1 & Type 6 Trust

How can Ones and Sixes build trust?

Ones are likely to trust Sixes, especially those who are consistently committed to a cause and supportive of Ones’ goals. Sixes should be encouraging and reliable around Ones.

Sixes will grow to trust Ones who offer safety, assurance, and loyalty. Above all, Ones should be dependable and affirming around Sixes.

Working Together

Enneagram Type 1 & Type 6 Working Together

How can Ones and Sixes work together?

Enneagram Ones tend to be outspoken and authoritarian, while Sixes are usually more practical and diplomatic. Ones can help Sixes feel more comfortable making firm decisions, while Sixes can help Ones learn to connect more emotionally with others.

Dealing with Change

Enneagram Type 1 & Type 6 Change

How can Ones and Sixes deal with change?

Both Ones and Sixes may have a difficult time adjusting to unexpected change; Ones tend to set ideal plans, while Sixes thrive in stable, predictable environments. Ones are likely to be upset by change if they didn’t have a say in its implementation and may advocate for a different solution if they dislike the situation. Sixes may adjust well after a bit of time and encouragement. Both personalities should avoid jobs that involve frequent, unpredictable change.

Managing Stress

Ones and Sixes need to seek to understand what brings stress to the other type and should try to avoid causing it when possible.

Enneagram Type 1 & Type 6 Stress

Ones are easily stressed by...

  • Being perceived as rigid or inflexible
  • Receiving criticism from those they admire
  • Feeling as though they can’t make a difference
  • Overwhelming reminders of corruption in the world
Enneagram Type 1 & Type 6 Stress

Sixes are easily stressed by...

  • Unreliable people and relationships
  • Negativity in their work or personal environment
  • Feeling as though they aren’t needed
  • Failing or making the wrong decision

Ones should avoid being overly critical of Sixes, while Sixes should avoid being overly emotional around Ones.

Encouraging and Motivating

Ones and Sixes can encourage and motivate each other in their personal and professional lives.

Enneagram Type 1 & Type 6 Encouragement

Ones are motivated by...

  • Fighting for issues of social justice
  • Volunteering and helping those less fortunate
  • Finding the right solutions to problems
  • Pursuing their own personal growth
Enneagram Type 1 & Type 6 Encouragement

Sixes are motivated by...

  • Consistent and trustworthy relationships
  • Offering help and assistance to others
  • Advocating for personal beliefs and values
  • Time spent with people they love

Ones can help motivate Sixes by spending one-on-one time with them.

Sixes can encourage Ones by helping to accomplish a shared goal.

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