Enneagram Lines

Stress and Growth Lines of the Enneagram

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Enneagram Lines

Enneagram Lines

Each Enneagram type is closely connected to other types through lines, as shown below, which can be seen as movements. Lines can be called many things, like arrows, integration v. disintegration, and points, but essentially, they’re a way of looking at how a personality develops or fluctuates.

Though people are widely considered to remain the same Enneagram type throughout their lives, they may experience points where they adopt characteristics of a type on the other side of a line, especially when challenged or put under a lot of stress and when experiencing a period of growth or self-enlightenment. 

Enneagram Stress Lines

Stress Lines

When put under a great deal of pressure, it’s likely people will do what it takes to push through, often seeking to adopt the strengths of another type. However, this can come at a cost, like taking on major weaknesses of the new type, as well, and continuing to feel stressed, since it is often uncomfortable and stressful having to take on personality traits that don’t come as naturally. 

For example, Eights may become knowledge-focused and curious like Fives, but they may also withdraw completely from others for long periods of time, adopting a prime blindspot of type Fives that may outshine the experienced strengths.


Growth Lines

Enneagram Growth Lines

Continuing with the last example, Eights may become more helpful and caring toward friends and family when comfortable and relaxed, like Twos. Experiencing this period of helpfulness can keep Eights grateful and hospitable in their day-to-day lives.People can also move to another type in periods of relaxation and self-exploration. This temporary adoption tends to be more comfortable and restorative than the previous. It can be seen as a way to gain insight that furthers self-awareness and inner healing.


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