Crystal Announces Integration with Outreach

View personality insights from within the Outreach application.

Crystal, the app that tells you anyone’s personality, today announced their integration with Outreach, a sales engagement platform.

Crystal’s personality software is used by thousands of people to learn about their prospect's personality, behavior, and communication preferences to have more effective conversations. With the new integration, any Outreach user can now view personality insights for a contact record from within Outreach's application.

To use Crystal inside of Outreach, simply navigate to a contact's record from within the application and select the "View Personality” button next to their name. Crystal's Chrome extension will then display their personality insights. These insights include personality overviews, primary traits, and detailed descriptions about the user’s natural behaviors, motivations and communication style.

“When you understand someone’s personality and motivations, you can communicate in a style that resonates with them and builds trust.” said Greg Skloot, President of Crystal. “With this integration, personality specific insights are now available in one of the most popular sales engagement platforms.”

About Outreach

“Outreach is an organization transforming platform. The most important part of the sales process is the act of engaging with your prospects and customers, whether it’s at the top of the funnel, or in at the expansion or renewal, or anywhere in between. We owe it to our customers and future customers to educate the market on modernizing their sales engagement process.”
Max Altschuler, VP of Marketing

View more about Outreach at

About Crystal

Crystal is the app that tells you anyone’s personality. As a pioneer in Personality AI, Crystal analyzes millions of online data points to accurately identify a person’s motivations, communication style, and other behavioral traits. Thousands of professionals globally use Crystal to communicate more effectively, write more persuasively, and build trust faster with new people. Crystal integrates with top sales and marketing platforms, including Salesforce, Hubspot and popular social media platforms. It is used by customers including Accenture, Google, and Microsoft. Learn more at

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