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Crystal was founded in 2015 with the mission to help people understand themselves better and communicate more effectively with others.

In early 2015, Crystal developed and released the first Personality AI app, which could tell you anyone’s personality without a personality assessment.
Personality AI analyzes millions of online data points to accurately identify a person’s motivations, communication style, and other behavioral traits.

Since then, hundreds of thousands of professionals around the world have relied on Crystal to help them communicate more effectively, write more persuasively, and build trust faster with new people. Crystal integrates with top sales and marketing platforms, including Salesforce and Hubspot; and is used by customers including Accenture, Google, and Microsoft.

Crystal is headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee. For career opportunities, please view our job openings or send an email.
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Drew D’Agostino
Drew D’Agostino is the CEO of Crystal. Previously, Drew was CTO of Attend.com, an event management software company. He is a thought leader on Personality AI and has been featured in Inc, Fortune, CNN, Fast Company, MIT Technology Review, Wired, and the Guardian.
Greg Skloot
President & COO
Greg Skloot is the President & COO of Crystal and a passionate evangelist for leveraging AI to help people understand anyone’s personality and build stronger relationships. Previously, Greg was Vice President of Growth at fitness-technology startup Netpulse, which was acquired by eGym in 2018 and the CEO of Attend.com.
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