for leaders

Scale effective communication, internally and externally

Communicate more effectively with co-workers and customers by applying personality insights into your work conversations.

Think of Crystal as your team's communication coach

Crystal is a personality data platform equipping business leaders with software to scale effective communication practices throughout the organization.

Communicate with emotional intelligence

Understand how your team members, customers, and prospects prefer to communicate and build stronger relationships.

Foster authentic relationships with empathy

Reduce communication breakdowns and boost team morale by gaining a better understanding of your teammates and clients.

Accelerate development of communication skills

Enable your team with a software platform that teaches effective communication practices, especially in remote-working environments.

Close more opportunities

Create urgency and close deals by addressing your buyer's unique motivations.

Build stronger relationships

Strengthen relationships and build trust by speaking to your buyer's core values.

Get more responses

Elicit responses by delivering your pitch in a way that resonates with your prospect.

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Unlock the full potential of every individual

Crystal reveals anyone's natural personality and gives leaders and managers guidance to effectively communicate in a way that resonates with every team member.

Create custom playbooks for any meeting

Custom playbooks guide how to best communicate with different personalities, whether they're for internal conversations or client-facing meetings. 

Motivate your team in the style that resonates

Our personality insights reveal how you can adapt your leadership style to meet the needs of each and every team member.

Communicate with emotional intelligence

Navigate important internal and external conversations, including: one-on-ones, group meetings, performance reviews, customer calls, and more.

Set up new hires for success

Understand which personalities are best-suited for your open roles, create custom interview playbooks, and predict how new hires will fit in with your existing team.

client testimonials

See why leaders, trainers, and reps love Crystal

I recommend Crystal for any leader who wants to go from a "good communicator" to "great communicator," especially those in large organizations with thousands of stakeholders and ambitious goals.

Sander van 't Noordende

CEO, Randstad

"Crystal gives me insights and helps me connect with my clients at a far deeper level than any Google search ever could."

John Barrows - Headshot

John Barrows

Founder & CEO, Sell Better

"The first 5 minutes of any meeting is absolutely crucial. That's where Crystal helps my team the most."

Brett Johnson - Headshot

Brett Johnson

AVP of Global Engagement, High Radius

"When I started personalizing my emails with Crystal's advice, I started getting way more responses. Much better ones, too!"

Isaac Garcia - Headshot

Isaac Garcia


"With Crystal, I would say I'm at least 30%-35% quicker at building meaningful relationships"

Heather Heefner - Headshot

Heather Heefner

Founder & Owner, Dart Design Studio

"As someone who’s focusing on sales and understanding people’s pains, talking to them in a language that’s meaningful to them absolutely encourages and improves the relationship.”

Richard Harris Headshot

Richard Harris

Founder, The Harris Consulting Group

"Crystal is like a cheat sheet in the sales process. You can use the right communication style for every prospect, even in the first call."

Ben Jackson - Headshot

Ben Jackson

VP of Sales, Flywheel