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Use personality insights to build stronger teams and set up your new hires for long-term success.

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The easiest way to implement pre-hire personality assessments.

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Learn the strengths and preferences of job candidates

Crystal makes it easy to improve your hiring process with professional, validated behavioral assessments.

When candidates complete an assessment, you can understand their natural communication preferences, work style, and more.

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Identify key behaviors for each role

When you're making a hiring decision, it's critical to understand what the expectations are for the role from each party's perspective - manager, peers, and candidate.

Crystal gives you clear insights into those expectations, helping you to resolve differences early on and set up your new hires for success.

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Accelerate new working relationships

Crystal's chemistry reports can speed up the onboarding process for new hires, helping them understand the best way to work with each of their new colleagues.

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Crystal is free to use with your friends and connections.

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