Integrate Crystal's sidebar with your web app

By adding the Crystal sidebar to your web app, your users will be able to see anyone’s personality in just a click.

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Katie Yang
Crystal Profile
Katie tends to be meticulous, detail-oriented, and skeptical of change.
Type: Planner (Sc)
Likes: order
Avoids: instability
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With just a few lines of code added to your web app, your users can access the Crystal Chrome Extension sidebar and predict anyone’s personality, right inside your UI. This is an ideal solution if your app contains contact records, like a CRM.

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Use this documentation to add a few lines of code to the frontend of your web app.

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Once you’ve added the code, let us know and if approved, we’ll activate the integration.

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Your users will be able to access Crystal’s Chrome Extension tools in your web app.
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Marketing Tools
Chat Widgets
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