Where to Vacation (Based on Personality)

Taking time off is important. Vacations allow you to take a break from stress associated with day to day responsibilities. But even when you make the decision to get away for a bit, finding the perfect place to go can seem like a major undertaking in itself.

There are so many different places to see and activities to do, all at drastically varying price points. 

The easiest way to help pick the perfect place to visit is by considering what works best for you.

We all love traveling for different reasons. While certain spots, like Paris, London, and New York all seem to be at the top of every “must-see” list, everyone’s unique passions, excitements, and relaxations are too different for everyone to enjoy the same generic, broad-stroke suggestions. 

Instead of picking places to travel based on top tourism sites, try finding places that are best suited for your personality.

Understanding Personality

At Crystal, we use a framework called DISC to better understand individual personalities. This classifies personalities into a few categories that we refer to as D (dominance), I (influence), S (steadiness), and C (conscientiousness). By categorizing personalities in this way, we can learn a lot about ourselves and others, even in relation to something as seemingly lighthearted as traveling. For example, someone who is a supportive, people-oriented S-type may not enjoy visiting places that either require a lot of risk or that they don’t know much about. They may feel overwhelmed by new, potentially strenuous travel plans and will likely prefer something more peaceful and rejuvenating. On the other hand, if they were an adventure-seeking, spontaneous I-type, they’d be more likely to crave the excitement of new places, even when risk is involved. 


D-types are likely to thrive in upbeat places that have lots to do. The hustle and bustle of a big, active city, no matter where in the world, is perfect for these fast-paced, productive types of people. 

If you’re a D-type, here are some places you may enjoy traveling:

Tokyo, Japan

One of the economic powerhouses of the world, Tokyo has no shortage of things to do and see, which will keep any fast-paced D-type entertained. There are museums, national parks, architectural wonders, sporting events and more. Whether you visit for the nightlife, the culture, or the booming economy, Tokyo has so much to do, you’ll never be bored.

Washington DC

It’s the place where things happen in the US - whether you’re interested in its history, nightlife, or political power, DC has something for all D-types. With 17 Smithsonian museums and galleries (all free), the city is sure to keep you busy for a while.


Technologically advanced, forward-thinking Singapore would be a great vacation spot for any D-type. The city-state is consistently rated as one of the best travel spots, top economies, and most diverse places in the world. There’s no shortage of things to do and people to see in the constantly evolving Singapore.


I-types may enjoy tropical or adventurous places that allow them to try new things and take a step (or leap) out of their comfort zone. Places with a friendly, inviting culture may be best for enthusiastic, social people like I-types. No matter where you choose, try doing a few thrilling excursions, like paragliding, food touring, sky-diving, or hiking.

If you’re an I-type, here are some places you may enjoy traveling:

Mexico City

Home to spectacular art and world-renowned restaurants, Mexico City is a commonly underrated tourist spot. With over 170 museums, 100 galleries, and 30 music venues, there’s always something fun to do in the city. See Frida Kahlo’s house (now a museum), listen to the music of the National Symphony Orchestra, and visit Pujol, the restaurant named #12 in the world by Restaurant magazine - all in the same day, perfect for any art-loving I-type.

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is a warm, Mediterranean getaway for anyone who loves to explore new places. Known for the major influence the city has on fashion, art, entertainment, and science, this Spanish city is full of all the adventure that I-types need. 

Hong Kong

Hong Kong Island is one of the most interesting places in the world, with over 7.4 million residents of varying nationalities. Its culture is one that blends both traditional Chinese values with western ideals, which makes for unique food, music, and art. 


S-types may want some time to just kick back and relax. Since they support and take care of others so much, they deserve a vacation that allows for a lot of self-care and peace. Try an all-inclusive resort, a spa, a peaceful cabin - something that allows you to really get away and treat yourself.

If you’re an S-type, here are some places you may enjoy traveling:

Kauai, Hawaii

Kauai’s beautiful beaches, dramatic greenery, and amazing views are the perfect relaxation tools for everyone who visits. For S-types who may be feeling stuck in a cold, land-locked place, this warm, sunny island may be the best place for a little rest and relaxation.


A broader space than other suggestions, beauty and rest can be found across the Maldives. The small nation has been recognized for its marine life, privacy, and luxurious resorts, which makes it a great option for S-types who are looking to get away from a hectic everyday life.

Provence, France

This region of southeast France is home to small towns, beautiful countryside, and classic French food. Whether you’re looking for a getaway in the southern alps or a trip to a renowned vineyard, Provence has what it takes to make sure you have a serene vacation experience.


C-types will likely enjoy places that have rich history, engaging science, or untouched nature. The more a place overlaps with a C-types passion or hobby, the more likely they are to have a blast visiting it.

If you’re a C-type, here are some places you may enjoy traveling:

Reykjavik. Iceland

For any C-type with a passion for nature, Reykjavik offers a chance to hike glaciers, learn more about the country’s volcanoes and hot springs, and even see the aurora borealis. The city is also considered one of the “smartest” in the world since it uses technology to improve the quality of life in a sustainable way.

Machu Picchu, Peru

Tucked in the mountains of rural Peru, Machu Picchu is a renowned landmark that is now widely considered to be one of the modern wonders of the world. Though this is often viewed as a place for wild adventurers, the rich history here will likely interest any history-buff or avid learner. 

Istanbul, Turkey

Founded around 660 BC and recognized as one of the most historical cities on the planet, Istanbul is a city full of important landmarks, detailed architecture, and notable museums - all perfect for a curious C-type.

Leave the stress behind

Vacations enrich our lives and restores us from the stress that might otherwise break us down each day. While it can seem difficult to step away from work for a week or so, traveling somewhere that interests and excites you can make the break worth it. Find a place that fits you and make your vacation worthwhile.

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