How to say "Thank You" to each DISC Type

We know why expressing gratitude is important, but the how can be tricky, or even awkward at work.

Understanding someone's DISC type, however, can tell you the best way to express gratitude, so your "Thank You" has maximum impact when it lands.

Here are some simple tips to say "Thank You" to your team, customers, and friends:

D-types: Architects (Dc), Captains (D), Drivers (Di), Initiators (DI)

  • Talk about what they have done that you appreciate, as opposed to who they are.
  • Emphasize the ways they have positively changed your life, career, etc.
  • Send a short, direct "thank you" message instead of waiting for a longer conversation.

I-types: Influencers (Id), Motivators (I), Encouragers (Is), Harmonizers (IS)

  • Say what you appreciate about them as a person, instead of the things they have done.
  • Emphasize your expectations and excitement for the future.
  • Express yourself in person or on the phone, so they can hear the inflection of your voice.

S-Types: Counselors (Si), Supporters (S), Planners (Sc), Stabilizers (SC)

  • Thank them for little things that normally might go unnoticed, and let them know that you are paying attention to their efforts.
  • Emphasize how much you value your long-term relationship.
  • Make time for a longer conversation in person or on the phone, so they feel connected and prioritized.

C-Types: Editors (Cs), Analysts (C), Skeptics (Cd), Questioners (CD)

  • Talk about how much you value their skills and accomplishments, rather than personality traits.
  • Emphasize the things that you have learned from the person.
  • Write out a "thank you" message into a detailed email or letter format, so they have the opportunity collect their thoughts and respond in kind.

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