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Crystal gives you a handbook for how to work with anyone, with insights on their personality and behavior


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Working with Sheryl:

Affirm good ideas
Take careful notes
Leave time for analysis
don't rush the meetings

Understand your coworkers

See your coworkers' personality profiles on Crystal and get actionable insights on how to interact with them at work.

Personalize your outreach

Look up contacts on Gmail, LinkedIn, or Salesforce with our free chrome extension. Use the power of our personality database to get an edge on your outreach.


Have better meetings

Sync Crystal with your calendar to generate group reports for every meeting. Learn what role each member fits into, and understand key relationships in the group.

Get personality insights wherever you communicate

Coworker profiles
Coworker Profiles
Personality insights for people in your company
Contact profiles
Contact Profiles
Insights for people outside your company
Relationship reports
Relationship Reports
Personality dynamics between two people
Group reports
Group Reports
Ideal roles and key insights for groups of people
Personality Assessment
Our full DISC personality assessment
Gmail extension
Gmail Extension
Real-time suggestions when composing an email
Linkedin extension
Linkedin Extension
Personality insights when you view profiles on LinkedIn
Salesforce extension
Salesforce Extension
Personality insights on Salesforce contacts and leads