Crystal for
Sales Executives

Scale effective communication practices and deliver a superior buying experience.

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Elevate the buying experience

Leverage rich personalization insights and tailor the buying experience to the needs of each prospect.

Hire talent with confidence

Identify the behavioral DNA of top performers while understanding whether new candidates possess those same traits.


Increase lead conversion by 31%

Learn how one of our clients increased top-of-funnel lead conversion by over 31% in the first two quarters of using Crystal.

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Reinforce sales
training with software

Our platform relates DISC concepts into every stage of the selling process so education is continuous and ongoing.

Scale team development

Identify team strengths and weaknesses to ensure your organization is always developing skills around adaptive selling.

Crystal gives me insights and helps me connect with my clients at a far deeper level than any google search ever could.
John Barrows
CEO, JBarrows Sales Training
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