Adaptive Selling: Overview Video

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Top sales performers typically have one common trait. 

They know how to ADAPT sales approaches to different types of buyers. 

ADAPTIVE SELLING is a salesperson’s ability to adapt communication styles based on perceived information about a prospect or situation.

And Crystal is the software platform that implements, reinforces, and scales adaptive selling.

Using the popular personality framework DISC, we reveal the personality of any B2B prospect, so sales teams can confidently adapt to any type of buyer.

Crystal is useful for every stage of the sales process:

When PROSPECTING, our software analyzes publicly available information to predict a prospect’s personality type and how to best communicate with them.

During OUTREACH, we provide real-time guidance on the style and tone of your emails, so every message is personalized for your lead.

For critical moments, like MAKING A PITCH OR NEGOTIATING PRICING, we use personality insights to break down what to focus on with qualified prospects.

And finally, when navigating conversations at the CLOSE OF A DEAL, we share tips on how to create urgency and drive deals forward.

Crystal also uses personality insights to reveal the best way to COMMUNICATE WITH TEAM MEMBERS, helping managers effectively lead one-on-one meetings or group calls.

Reps, managers, and executives at leading sales organizations trust Crystal, and it’s time for you to start maximizing the impact of every sales interaction.