New! The Next Step In Personality Descriptors

What is the one word that most accurately describes your personality?

That’s a tough nut to crack, but it’s one that’s been on our minds. And that’s why you’ve likely seen some changes recently in your Crystal account.

We’re committed to building the most accurate and descriptive representation of where you fit on the personality map, and we are continuously learning from and refining our (very large) data set as part of this effort.

What we’ve learned is that personalities are much more nuanced than what we typically see in other assessments -- the four main personality types featured in DISC, for example, don’t cover the diversity of communication styles, motivations, and frustrations present across the the range of people we work with on a daily basis.

And with this learning, we’re introducing new descriptors used to represent where you fall on the Crystal personality map. You’ll now see 16 descriptors, or archetypes, that cover the personality map and enable us to more accurately represent the unique qualities that describe each of us, and the people we work with.


Because we have more archetypes, you may have noticed a new descriptor used to represent where you fall on the personality map. For example, someone who was previously a Motivator may now be described as an Influencer.

Don’t worry, your personality insights have remained the same -- after all, you are still you. What has changed is the single term we use to most accurately express your personality style.

We’d love to hear your feedback -- what do you think?

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