Elon Musk: Architect (Dc)

Elon Musk seems to make regular appearances in the headlines all around the world. Whether he’s helping develop a new, sleek electric car or just getting into a heated Twitter debate, his strong personality tends to both impress people and get under their skin. 

Despite how you might feel when you hear his name, it’s hard to deny that Elon’s personality leaves an impressive impact. As a DISC Architect (Dc), Elon is unlikely to be phased by others’ opinions of him. Though he may have a somewhat shaky public image, his personality has helped him find success in many different ventures, like Paypal, Tesla, and more. 

While he takes advantage of the benefits his personality may offer, Elon is also a good example of how the same traits can also become blind spots if self-awareness and balance aren’t regularly practiced. Here are a few distinct personality traits of his Architect personality that both help and hinder Elon in different ways.


As an Architect, Elon Musk is naturally skilled at setting and focusing intensely on big goals. His natural motivation has been his driving force since he was a child - it’s what led him to develop an interest in computing and immigrate to Canada (and eventually the US).  It also led to some of his massive ventures, like SpaceX, which was built on the bold goal of enabling people to colonize Mars. 

His ambition has helped him succeed in many areas - most notably in his time at Tesla. When he co-founded Tesla, he set a goal to make electric cars more affordable. He came up with a plan to use the profits from earlier models to develop and manufacture cars that are both stylish and energy-efficient, while also being less expensive than many other electric vehicles. Setting such a big goal during a time where most companies only prioritized either affordability, energy-efficiency, or style, rather than all three, helped drive him and the entire company forward. His intense work-ethic has helped them achieve a lot more than other similar companies in a much shorter amount of time.

However, his ambition seems to come at a price. It has also led him to become so work-focused that he has sacrificed sleep, personal relationships, and, at times, his own well-being. During seasons where new Tesla models are produced, Elon has worked nearly 120 hours a week. On an average week, he still works nearly 80-90 hours, which is well above that of other CEOs of big companies. On certain occasions, Elon has even attributed some of his controversial behavior to his lack of sleep and high-stress levels due to his intense schedule.


Elon’s unbridled autonomy has also helped him thrive in many ways. He doesn’t worry much about what others think and instead focuses on what he thinks is right. This natural independence has helped him comfortably advocate for new solutions and make his own decisions despite pushback. 

His independence, though, also means that he has a hard time trusting others or involving them in the decision-making process. Instead, Elon is more likely to come to a conclusion on his own and implement it before other people really have a chance to give input. This can cause tension within a team and may ultimately lead to a breaking point, much like it did on the Paypal team when he was ousted for persistently pushing everyone to get on board with his decision to change the company’s infrastructure. 


Like many other Architect personalities, Elon has the tendency to be very honest, and, at times, blunt. He’s comfortable giving and receiving feedback, calling problems as he sees them, and speaking his mind no matter the situation. This trait can be beneficial when it comes to developing and refining products and is likely why his companies tend to be very competitive. He is able to draw attention to flaws, call out inefficient processes, and encourage regular growth.

His outspoken nature isn’t always a benefit, though. It has led to many rude interviews and all-out Twitter feuds that frustrate others, cause confusion, and ultimately tarnish his reputation. Outside of just his personal relationships, his blunt attitude has caused major controversy, most recently in relation to Coronavirus

All About Balance

Just like the rest of us, Elon’s natural tendencies as an Architect can both help and hinder him, depending on how he uses them. With careful attention to playing up his strengths and working to improve his blindspots, Elon is likely to thrive.

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