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Drew D'Agostino
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Whenever you write an email, Crystal tells you the best way to communicate based on the recipient’s unique personality.

Long description:

Crystal is a new technology built upon an age-old principle: communicate with empathy.

We use natural language processing to create unique personality profiles for individuals with an online presence. When you find someone on Crystal, you'll understand the ideal way to communicate with them - helping you be more productive at work.

Our first product is a Gmail tool that helps you send more effective emails, delivering a well-crafted message that is tailored to the individual’s personality. Our goal is to eradicate canned, impersonal work communication both internally and externally.

Crystal offers a free, unlimited practice account. You can upgrade to get premium features like real-time email suggestions & corrections, relationship predictions, example email templates, and team/organizational analysis.


Crystal Project Inc. was founded in 2014 by Drew D’Agostino, who previously co-founded and served as CTO. He developed Crystal to fix the communication problems that arise when two people fail to understand their personality differences, especially over email.

The company is headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee.

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