Using Crystal With Your Team


Today, I'm here to walk you through our personality platform, Crystal, and show you how it can be used for teams.

Using Crystal throughout your team reveals the natural personality of both individual members and team managers, using the well-validated personality framework, DISC.

Our platform shares valuable personality insights so colleagues can communicate more effectively, and so managers can practice adaptive leadership.

Let's see how it works by logging into the platform. If this is your first time logging in, you'll get started by taking our quick 15-minute assessment to identify your DISC personality type.

Once the assessment is complete, your DISC type will be publicly available for your colleagues and for your manager to view.

Now, let's get a better understanding about the team you work in, manage, or collaborate with.

Now that we're logged in, let's click on > PEOPLE, and then >TEAMS to view the team you belong with. (If you don't see your team, you can always create one by filling out the appropriate information).

If we click on team that's already been built, we can see that there are currently eleven people on my team. You can see the distribution of personalities that make up the team. In this example, many of my team members reside on the Steadiness and Conscientious quadrant of the DISC map.

To the right of the DISC map, I can see that Crystal's analyzed the personalities that make up my team to reveal blindspots and strengthsManagers in particular tend to love this feature, because it helps them understand their team at a high level.

Scrolling down, I can see my team's Relationship Matrix, which breaks down how team members compare with one another.

I also see our Personality Comparison, which show a visual representation of key qualities and where team members fall within that spectrum.

I can also see insights into Setting Expectations andGiving Instructions for team members. Both managers and team members tend to love using this feature, especially before 1-1 meetings or group calls, so they can better communicate expectations or instructions.

Now, let's talk about Playbooks.

On the main menu, click on   >TOOLS, and then >PLAYBOOKS.

We have two options: pre-made, and custom.

Crystal's pre-made Playbooks are great for quick Playbook building, and the option to create your own custom Playbooks is great for when you need  specific insights in the right order.

Want to explore Crystal even further? Let us give you a live product demonstration. Reach out to us at [email protected]. Until then, have fun using Crystal with your team!