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Bill Gates
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Bill Gates
Analyst (C)
Extreme Intensity: 75%
Intensity represents how strong someone’s personality traits are likely to be, relative to others with the same DISC type.
Bill tends to be an objective thinker who prioritizes accuracy and results. He will likely pay attention to small details and take a systematic approach to solving problems.
Type 1
Enneagram Type
5: The Thinker

As a Type Five, Bill tends to be curious, independent, and observant. Bill generally loves to pursue knowledge and seeks a deeper understanding of the world.

16-Personality Types
(based on types by Jung, Myers, & Briggs)
Extroverts tend to draw energy from spending time around other people.
Introverts tend to draw energy from spending time alone.
Sensing types usually prefer to experience new things and focus on the reality of the situation.
Intuitive types tend to love to explore new ideas and think in terms of the big picture.
Thinking types tend to follow their head and consider facts when making decisions.
Feeling types usually prioritize emotion over logic, often choosing to follow their gut when making decisions.
Judging types tend to be very structured and organized.
Perceiving types usually prefer to be flexible and spontaneous.
16-Personality Type

As an INTJ, Bill tends to be confident, analytical, and ambitious. Bill is likely an independent thinker focused on solving the world’s problems.

Strengths Assessment
1. Love of Learning
Bill finds ways to deepen his knowledge and experiences; he looks regularly for new opportunities to learn; he is passionate about building knowledge.
2. Perseverance
Bill keeps going and going when he has a goal in mind; he attempts to overcome all obstacles; he finishes what he starts.
3. Prudence
Bill is wisely cautious; he is planful and conscientious; he is careful to not take undue risks or do things he might later regret.
4. Self-regulation
Bill is a very disciplined person; he manages his vices and bad habits; he stays calm and cool under pressure; he manages his impulses and emotions.
5. Perspective/Wisdom
Bill takes the 'big picture' view of things; others turn to him for wise advice; he helps others make sense of the world; he learns from his mistakes.
Values Assessment
1. Responsibility
It is important to him to be dependable and trustworthy.
2. Independence
It is important to him to make his own decisions and do things his way.
3. Concern for Others
The well-being of others is important to him .
4. Privacy
It is important to him to have time alone.
5. Achievement
It is important to him to challenge himself and work hard to improve.
What comes naturally to Bill
Experimenting with many solutions to a problem
Enjoying thorough spreadsheets
Reviewing all of the facts when processing a situation
Having a well-organized area
see the differences between your and Bill’s natural tendencies.
What energizes Bill
Order and organization
Accuracy & precision
Finding the best possible outcome
Fixing problems
see how you and Bill are motivated and energized.
What drains Bill
Unreliable, unproven information
Dealing with emotionally charged issues
Meeting lots of new people at once
Major or unexpected change
see how you and Bill can become frustrated and drained.
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