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Speak more persuasively, write better outreach emails and close deals faster.
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LinkedIn Extension
Predict anyone's personality from their LinkedIn profile, up to 50 predictions a month.
Unlimited Sales Playbooks
Create customizable guides for sales meetings, including one-on-one demos and group account mapping.
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Sales Playbooks
Help your sales team navigate every meeting, conversation, and deal with personality insights for key decision-makers in their accounts.
Marketing Playbooks
Identify the traits, behaviors, and communication style of your ideal customer personas.
Predict on LinkedIn
View anyone’s predicted personality with the Crystal Chrome Extension.
Hiring Playbooks
Understand each candidate’s strengths, blind spots, and how they may relate to their new team.
Coaching Playbooks
Help your team understand each other and work more effectively together.
Thousands of companies globally use Crystal for prospecting, account mapping and more effective sales conversations.