Use Crystal for Outlook in Windows

  1. Click the Download button below
  2. Open the setup.exe downloaded file to run the installer
    • Successful Download will be indicated
  3. Crystal's extension will now be present in your Outlook Home ribbon

How it Works

  1. Crystal's extension will be present when you:
    1. Compose a new email
    2. Select an email thread and Click Reply in Outlook's Home Ribbon
    3. Use the Pop Out Window in an email thread
  2. Add your recipient's DISC Type
    1. Type in your recipient's email address. We will automatically link the correct DISC type found in our database when applicable.
    2. Predict someone's DISC type by using the Crystal Chrome Extension.
    3. Manually select their DISC type by clicking on the Crystal icon.
  3. Write your Email

    Crystal will analyze your message in real-time and indicate suggestions (present via the Lightbulb icon) for optimizing your message toward the recipient's DISC type.

  4. Review suggestions and optimize your message

    When you get a suggestion, you can accept Crystal's recommendation, rewrite the phrase to your own liking, or simply ignore it within the extension.

  5. Send your Email

    For subsequent emails, Crystal remembers the DISC type of your recipient and offers recommendations on new emails without having to re-select their DISC type.

  6. Feedback

    Submit your feedback (improvements, first impressions, roadblocks, etc.) via the Extension > Gear icon (bottom left-hand side of the navigation bar).