Elon Musk

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Elon tends to be pragmatic, independent, and logical when making decisions.


Drew D'Agostino

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Drew is direct, task-focused, and fast-paced. He appreciates independence and aggressively pursues his goals. Challenge his ideas and assert yourself.


What Comes Naturally to Elon

Separate facts from emotions when making decisions

Question a lack of logic and analysis

Have high expectations

Let others know when they aren't performing

Challenge ideas that don't make sense

When Speaking to Elon

Keep sarcastic remarks to yourself

Set clear expectations for the conversation

Stay objective rather than emotional

Remain stoic and objective

Keep conversation brief

What motivates Elon

Being correct

Competence and skill

Competition and winning


Speed & efficiency

What drains Elon

Making assumptions

Displays of emotion

Lack of accountability

Personal questions

Team conflict

In a meeting with Elon

Schedule your meetings at a precise time

Do your homework before a meeting

Come in prepared for any question

Set a clear end time

Highlight shared victories

To convince Elon

Present proven facts and statistics instead of stories

Ask simple "yes or no" questions

Make sure you're prepared for tough questions

Know why you're better than your competitors

Avoid too much hype

When working with Elon

Follow through on your commitments

Count on them to keep things on track

Know that they prefer working alone

Give them time to work on their own

Allow your ideas to be put to the test

Elon's location on the personality map

Elon is in the northwestern region of the personality map, which means that his DISC type is Dc, also known as The Architect.

People in the northern part of the personality map tent to interact with their environment by shaping, directing, and changing it.

People in the western part of the personality map tend to maintain distance and autonomy in their interactions with other people.

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