VIDEO: Crystal Writing Assistant

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Today I’ll be walking you through the newest tool within our adaptive selling platform called the Crystal Writing Assistant.

Crystal's Writing Assistant automatically checks the words, phrases, style, and tone of sales emails in real time to ensure every message is optimized towards the personality of your buyer using the well-validated personality framework, DISC.

The Crystal Writing Assistant empowers sales reps to independently communicate with their prospects in their most natural and preferred style. It's useful during both cold emailing and warm prospect communication.

To see how it works, let’s start by composing a sales email.

Let's select our prospect’s DISC type by clicking on the Crystal icon. If you don’t know your prospect’s DISC type, that’s okay. You can quickly predict it by navigating to their LinkedIn profile and using our Chrome extension.

Now, write your email as you normally would and you’ll see the Crystal Writing Assistant analyze the words and phrases in real-time.

Highlighted words or phrases suggest that those parts of the message clash with your prospect’s DISC personality and suggestions are offered to replace or remove the words and phrases.

When you get a suggestion, you can use Crystal’s recommendation, rewrite the phrase to your own liking, or simply ignore it.

Once you’re happy with the final message, you can go ahead and send it off to your prospect!

Sales teams using the Crystal Writing Assistant see improved email communication, are more confident during outreach, and reach higher response rates and engagement with their prospects.

The good news is that anyone can schedule a product demonstration by going to and submitting your request for a demo today.

Happy writing!