Frequently asked questions

Have questions about Crystal? We have answers.

Where does Crystal's personality data come from?

Crystal has the largest, most accurate personality data in the world, with over 100M unique personality profiles and 80%+ average accuracy confidence.

That leaves a few important questions:

  • What kind of data is in a personality profile?
  • Where does Crystal get this data?
  • How do I know that the personality profiles are accurate?

We have answers for each of these. Let's go through point by point...

What kind of data is in a personality profile?

When we refer to 100M+ unique personality profiles, we're specifically talking about over 100M DISC types matched with unique email addresses.

What is DISC?

DISC is a well-known behavioral model commonly used in management, communication training, leadership development, and counseling to help people understand and communicate with each other better.

At the core, DISC identifies 4 primary types of behavior (dominance, influence, steadiness, and calculation) and gives us a common language to describe each of them. Everyone exhibits each of the 4 types, but the amount of each varies from person to person, giving them a unique DISC type.

Learn more about DISC here.

How does DISC help me?

When you can accurately identify a person's DISC type, it tells you a lot about how they like to work, how they communicate with others, what motivates them, what makes them uncomfortable, what kind of emails they like, and more. It's an incredibly powerful, but simple framework for understanding how someone behaves.

Crystal profiles contain all of this information and more, so you can understand anyone on a deeper level - colleagues, friends, customers, prospects, etc.

How does Crystal get this data?

Crystal's personality data comes from three main sources:

  • Assessments taken on our platform.
  • Information from social media, articles, blogs, and other public resources.
  • Data provided by our users.

We'll walk through each one by one...


When you sign up for Crystal, you can take a free DISC personality assessment and invite your whole team to do the same. Thousands of people complete assessments on Crystal every week, helping Crystal get smarter and build a more accurate dataset.

Public data

When Crystal does not have a completed assessment for a person (i.e. most people you look up), we aggregate public data and analyze the person's DISC type.

This data comes from social media, articles, blogs, and other public resources and our analysis is performed by our personality detection engine (for the nerds out there, we specifically use machine learning techniques like bayesian statistical analysis and supervised neural networks to analyze writing style and other attributes).

Public data analysis is never perfect; it's more of a best guess. So, we always report an accuracy confidence of 0-100% to tell you how confident Crystal is of the profile's validity.

User-provided data

As a Crystal user, you can get personality profiles instantly for the people you know by connecting your email contacts (Gmail) and social media connections (LinkedIn).

When you connect your contacts, you help us expand and improve the personality database with more accurate information, and also help us deliver profiles more quickly with a higher email match rate.

You can also create your own profiles with resumes, emails, and other written text using the Text Analysis tools.

How can I use this data?

Whenever your goal involves effective communication or relationship-building, Crystal's personality profiles can help. This includes use cases like:

  • Sales and Business Development
  • Recruiting and HR
  • Leadership and Management
  • Training and Coaching
  • Customer Support and Success

Crystal also offers several tools for you to use personality profiles to communicate more effectively, like:

  • Crystal for Chrome
  • Relationship reports
  • Group reports
  • CRM integrations
  • API integrations

This is a fairly new category of data, and our customers are developing new ways to use it every day.

I have an Expert account but am still seeing a paywall.

Every now and again the Chrome Extension doesn’t update according to the plan you might be subscribed to. Here’s how to fix the issue:

You will need to clear your cookies and then un-install and then re-install Crystal for Chrome.

To clear your cookies:

  • Log into your Crystal account via
  • Type Command, Option, “I”
  • In the top navigation on the window, click on Application
  • In the side navigation to the left, click on the carrot icon next to Cookies and select the link that appears
  • Finally, click on the Slashed Circle icon and select Clear All

To Uninstall Crystal for Chrome:

  • At the top of your screen, select Window
  • Click on Extensions
  • Select the Trash Icon to delete Crystal for Chrome

To Re-install Crystal for Chrome

  • Log into your Crystal account
  • Select Apps
  • Click on the Install the Extension
  • Follow the link and click Add to Chrome

That’s it! This process takes about 5 minutes total. We apologize for the inconvenience.

How to add contacts to your Crystal Dashboard.

There are two main ways to add to your contacts list:

  • Via Dashboard Search: select Search in the navigation bar at the top of your window, enter the email address and/or name of the person you are searching for and then select Save As Contact (the green button) on the top right corner when you view the profile
  • Using the Chrome Extension: whenever you view a new profile using Crystal’s Chrome Extension, that predicted profile will automatically populate in your contacts list.

Still have questions about adding contacts? Contact [email protected]

Privacy concerns.

I added my boss as a contact on Crystal. Will they be notified?

No, your contacts will not be notified when you add them as a contact on Crystal

I uploaded my Google and LinkedIn contacts. Do you read my emails?

Crystal’s AI will analyze the language used in constructing an email but no human will ever see any of your private correspondence

Do you store my emails?

No. Crystal will analyze the language you use to write your emails but nothing gets saved to the database once we have predicted a personality based on that email

What is the accuracy confidence %?

The accuracy confidence represents how certain Crystal is in the validity of the profile. Since most Crystal profiles are generated from predictive analysis, this number is very important when you use Crystal in a real-life scenario.

Here are some general guidelines about accuracy:

  • If the person has completed a DISC assessment, their accuracy confidence will be very high, usually around 90-95%.
  • If Crystal has found lots of information from many different sources, the confidence will be very high as well.
  • If Crystal finds information from only one source, the accuracy will typically confidence be 50% or lower.

Sources include social media profiles, online articles, and user-provided emails and resumes. You can increase the accuracy confidence of your own profile easily, by completing the assessment.

What are the differences between Personal, Communicator, and Expert accounts with Crystal?

Personal is Free and is ideal for anyone who wants to improve their communication skills at work. Personal gives you access to:

  • Take a Disc assessment
  • View your profile
  • View your contacts profiles
  • Create relationship reports for your contacts.
  • Create groups and teams for your contacts.

Communicator is $19 a month and is perfect for managers, leaders, and job seekers. Communicator gives you access to:

  • Take a Disc assessment
  • View your profile
  • View 20 personality profiles a month outside of your team
  • Create relationship reports for your contacts.
  • Create groups and teams for your contacts.
  • Analyze personality from resumes and social media data.
  • Download the Crystal extension for Gmail and Linkedin
  • Personalized email coaching.

Expert is $49 a month and is excellent for professionals in sales, recruiting, and business development. Expert gives you access to:

  • Take a Disc assessment
  • View your profile
  • View Unlimited personality profiles a month
  • Create relationship reports for your contacts.
  • Create group reports for your contacts.
  • Create team reports for your contacts.
  • Analyze personality from resumes and social media data.
  • Download the Crystal extension for Gmail and Linkedin
  • Personalized email coaching.

I see two different profiles that are both me! Can I merge them?

Absolutely. To merge, navigate to the profile(s) that is a duplicate. Once there, click the "Flag Duplicate" button in the upper right-hand corner of the profile. Note that this option only appears when flagging a duplicate of your own profile.

I see someone with the wrong picture (it may even be a picture of you). Why is that happening?

At times, Crystal will identify someone on the web but not immediately generate their profile. When a person is in this state of Limbo, their picture might be wrong. If you click on the profile and load it, Crystal should automatically correct the picture.

I can’t find me! What do I do?

Email [email protected] We’ll take care of you.