Does Adaptive Selling Increase Sales Performance?

This eBook aggregates key findings from multiple research studies, all of which point to adaptive selling improving overall sales performance.

This eBook is designed for:

Sales reps, sales managers, and sales executives

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eBook - Does Adaptive Selling Increase Sales Performance?

Here’s what you’ll learn

1. What adaptive selling is

2. Who benefits from an adaptive sales approach

3. What 3 research studies found when testing the effects of adaptive selling

4. 6 key takeaways on the benefits of adaptive selling

5. How Crystal helps implement, reinforce, and scale adaptive selling practices

The research studies we dive into:

Study #1:

Journal of Marketing Research (2006)

Study #2:

American Marketing Association (2006)

Study #3:

Journal of Business Research (2003)


6 Key Takeaways

Sales reps who put adaptive selling into daily practice can turn into better communicators, convert deals at a higher rate, and accelerate
their sales careers.


Adaptive selling increases all measures of sales performance.


Adaptive selling increases sales performance across different selling situations.


Adaptive selling increases a sales rep's overall job satisfaction.




Information exchange is the seller influence tactic that offers near-universal appeal.


Sales reps find the greatest success when combining multiple influence tactics.


Teams focused on new client acquisition will benefit most from adaptive selling training.


What is Crystal?

Crystal is the software platform for implementing, reinforcing, and scaling adaptive sales practices.

We enable sales teams by predicting any prospect's personality and sharing comprehensive tips for how to best communicate across major sales moments.

Using this adaptive selling approach gives sales professionals a "cheat sheet" to navigate any sales conversation.

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