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What is an INTP Personality Type
(The Thinker)?
People with an INTP personality type tend to be extremely analytical, objective, and logical in their behavior. They love exploring new theories and ideas, which means they’re often responsible for amazing discoveries in their field of choice. They are likely to approach interactions with others in a logical way, rather than relying on emotion.


What is an ISTJ Personality Type
(The Investigator)?
People with an ISTJ personality type tend to be reserved, orderly, and practical in their behavior. They are self-sufficient and work hard to meet their obligations. They prefer to be alone or in small groups of close friends and may be quiet and reserved in large group settings.


Myers-Briggs INTP & ISTJ Communication

How can INTP and ISTJ types communicate effectively with each other?

INTPs and ISTJs are both Introverted and Thinking personalities, preferring to keep to themselves and prioritize logical thinking. Expressing themselves clearly and directly will help with communication. However, ISTJs should avoid placing unnecessary expectations on INTPs, while INTPs should avoid making conceptual arguments around ISTJs.

Resolving Conflict

Myers-Briggs INTP & ISTJ Conflict

How can INTP and ISTJ types resolve conflict?

INTPs and ISTJs should work through conflict logically. Both personalities should be forward and expressive, working toward a mutual solution. ISTJs should try to be more flexible, while INTPs should avoid being too hypothetical.

Building Trust

Myers-Briggs INTP & ISTJ Trust

How can INTP and ISTJ types build trust?

INTPs will grow to trust ISTJs who allow them space to work at their own pace, helping them to feel free from restriction.

ISTJs are likely to trust INTPs who follow through and achieve personal goals, as this shows a level of reliability to ISTJs.

Working Together

Myers-Briggs INTP & ISTJ Working Together

How can INTP and ISTJ types work together?

INTPs can teach ISTJs to be a bit more flexible with their expectations of a situation, which can prevent disappointment and help them adapt to new or unexpected circumstances.

ISTJs can help by INTPs by encouraging them to set tangible, attainable goals, which can help practically motivate INTPs.

Dealing with Change

Myers-Briggs INTP & ISTJ Change

How can INTP and ISTJ types deal with change?

INTPs, as Perceiving personalities, are generally able to adapt easily to change. ISTJs, on the other hand, may struggle with accepting new conditions. INTPs should encourage ISTJs to see the upside of change: growth, gain, efficiency, new ideas, etc. INTPs can also suggest that ISTJs establish a new routine, plan, or schedule, which will help ease the transition and relax ISTJs.

Managing Stress

INTP and ISTJ types need to seek to understand what brings stress to the other type and should try to avoid causing it when possible.

Myers-Briggs INTP & ISTJ Managing Stress

INTP types are easily stressed by...

  • Meeting or getting to know new people
  • Following rules and processes
  • Focusing strictly on the present
  • Being emotionally vulnerable around others
Myers-Briggs INTP & ISTJ Managing Stress

ISTJ types are easily stressed by...

  • Spending time in large crowds
  • Thinking conceptually and abstractly
  • Expressing themselves emotionally
  • Feeling out of control or disorganized

INTPs should avoid being flaky or unpredictable around ISTJs, as this can lead to distrust and skepticism.

ISTJs should avoid forcing INTPs into a set of strict expectations and rules.

Encouraging and Motivating

INTP and ISTJ types can encourage and motivate each other in their personal and professional lives.

Myers-Briggs INTP & ISTJ Motivations

INTP types are motivated by...

  • Making last minute plans
  • Exploring new and interesting ideas
  • Spending time alone to recharge
  • Thinking through and creatively solving a problem
Myers-Briggs INTP & ISTJ Motivations

ISTJ types are motivated by...

  • Comforting routines and habits
  • Making quick, logical decisions
  • Time alone to reconnect with themselves
  • Understanding how machines work

INTPs can encourage ISTJs by communicating honestly and following through on commitments.

ISTJs can help motivate INTPs by giving them freedom and space while encouraging them to reach their goals.

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