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What is the INTP personality type (The Thinker)?
People with an INTP personality type tend to be extremely analytical, objective, and logical in their behavior. They love exploring new theories and ideas, which means they’re often responsible for amazing discoveries in their field of choice. They are likely to approach interactions with others in a logical way, rather than relying on emotion.


Myers-Briggs INTP & INTP Communication

How can INTP types communicate effectively with each other?

INTPs are Introverted types, preferring to work independently from others and spend time alone. Because INTPs share the core of their personalities, it’s easier to understand why other INTPs may act the way they do. However, there can still be miscommunication among people who share the same Meyers-Briggs type.

INTPs need to be aware of their desire to withdraw from others. They should focus on being communicative, especially when they need to express thoughts, feelings, or conflicts. Since both people prefer email to in-person conversations, they need to watch out for miscommunication and taking a long time to come to actionable conclusions due to the slower process of email communication. Sometimes, an in-person conversation is best, which will require more energy for both of them. They should communicate logically and clearly, allowing each other space to process.

Resolving Conflict

Myers-Briggs INTP & INTP Conflict

How can INTP types resolve conflict?

When INTPs take the time to communicate their issues, conflict can be easily resolved. Because INTPs are logical thinkers and good problem-solvers, they are less likely to be offended by personal problems and are more likely to seek a working solution.

Building Trust

Myers-Briggs INTP & INTP Trust

How can INTP types build trust?

INTPs are likely to trust each other, as it’s easier to empathize with like personalities. However, they may feel awkward initially around INTPs they don’t know, as they are generally uncomfortable around new people. Once they get to know each other, INTPs are likely to appreciate having someone around who thinks and processes similarly.

Working Together

Myers-Briggs INTP & INTP Working Together

How can INTP types work together?

INTPs are likely to work well as a thinking team. They work well in careers that require objectivity. INTP teams are likely to lack in organization and emotional understanding but will thrive in finding creative solutions and adapting to new situations. INTPs who trust each other and communicate clearly can thrive in a working partnership, as long as they give each other space to work on projects separately.

Dealing with Change

Myers-Briggs INTP & INTP Change

How can INTP types deal with change?

INTPs are very adaptable personalities who handle change very well. They are well-grounded and easily excited by new chapters in life. INTPs will continue to work well throughout times of turnover, accepting that change is natural.

Managing Stress

INTP types need to seek to understand what brings stress to the other type and should try to avoid causing it when possible.

Myers-Briggs INTP & INTP Managing stress

INTP types are easily stressed by...

  • Communicating with large groups of new people
  • Following strict rules, regulations, or mandatory processes
  • Working in an environment that lacks creative thinking
  • Being emotionally vulnerable around others

INTPs should communicate new ideas to each other while giving space and freedom when needed. They should avoid pushing themselves, or other INTPs, into crowded situations or hyper-organized work environments.

Encouraging and Motivating

INTP types can encourage and motivate each other in their personal and professional lives.

Myers-Briggs INTP & INTP Motivation

INTP types are motivated by...

  • Thinking about future possibilities
  • Spending time by themselves
  • Freedom to make last minute plans
  • Logical, rational thinking from others

INTPs can motivate each other by sharing creative, logical thinking and encouraging new experiences.

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