Jim halpert

Jim Halpert

Assistant Regional Manager

Scranton, PA

[email protected]

DISC type Id

Jim is an Id type, so he so he prefers emails that are short, use abbreviations and emoticons, and are expressive.

When writing an email to Jim:

Write with short casual language and abbreviations

Use an emoticon :)

Use emotionally expressive language

Mass-personalization, now available in your app.

Get rich personality profiles from Crystal to help your users segment and personalize their messaging.

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Enrich existing contacts with personality data for high value interactions.



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Pam Beesly

Pam is a natural supporter: friendly, compassionate, and loyal.

Focus on building trust over a long-term relationship.


Jim Halpert


Jan Levinson


Oscar Martinez


Dwight Schrute


Michael Scott


Give your users real-time communication coaching inside your app. Connect to our on-demand personality API directly, or use one of our SDKs:

  • Javascript SDK
  • Ruby SDK


Segment your users and customers according to personality type. Integrate into your CRM, or batch enrich your existing lists.

  • Email target by personality
  • Personalize user experience in mass
  • Track which personality types you connect with

Dunder Mifflin

Di Darryl Is Andy Sc Kevin C Angela
Dc Jan Id Jim Si Pam Cd David
D Ryan I Kelly S Phyllis Cd Dwight
Ds Stanley I Michael Sc Toby Cs Oscar

Developer friendly

With a few lines of code you could be retrieving profiles from our personality database. Integrate these insights into your app with our SDKs.

Easily pass in your own text samples to enrich your contact database using our personality engine.

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